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Updated: Friday, 29 August 2014, 0:43 (EST)
Wednesday, 27 August 2014, 15:14 (EST)

James Foley's touching letter to loved ones: 'I feel you all especially when I pray'

A special memorial service was held for James Foley, the American journalist recently killed by the terrorist group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), in his home city of Rochester, NH. The..
Monday, 25 August 2014, 15:29 (EST)

Christian farm owners told to pay $13,000 after refusing to host same-sex marriage ceremony

A Catholic couple who refused to host a same-sex marriage ceremony on their farm have been ordered to pay $13,000. Cynthia and Robert Gifford live on Liberty Ridge Farm, around 20 miles north of..
Friday, 22 August 2014, 5:38 (EST)

Reports of James Foley execution prompts outpouring of prayer

A graphic video showing the beheading of photojournalist James Foley was confirmed as authentic by White House officials on Wednesday, causing an international outpouring of prayer. Foley was..
Wednesday, 20 August 2014, 13:09 (EST)

Westboro Baptist church's hometown to feature 'God Loves Gays' billboard

'God Loves Gays' billboards may soon appear across the United States, starting in Topeka, Kansas - Westboro Baptist church's hometown. An Indiegogo campaign, which aims to raise US$50,000 to fund..
Monday, 18 August 2014, 14:47 (EST)

Christian baker defends turning down lesbian wedding cake order: 'I have to stand true to God'

A Christian bakery owner in Pennsylvania is standing firm in her faith after being asked to provide a cake for a same-sex wedding vow renewal ceremony. Lorraine Fleming of The Cake Pros said that..
Thursday, 14 August 2014, 10:28 (EST)

Cuba to build its first Catholic church in over 50 years

A team of Cuban workers are only one permit away from beginning construction on the communist country's first Catholic church since 1959. The engineers plan to use scrap metal from a stage built..
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