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Updated: Saturday, 30 August 2014, 12:12 (EST)
Thursday, 22 October 2009, 11:29 (EST)

Kobia and WCC delegation meet North Korean president Kim Yong-Nam

Kim, the president of the Presidium of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) Supreme People's Assembly, said the region needs to be denuclearized. He alluded to a certain unfairness within..
Wednesday, 26 August 2009, 8:59 (EST)

Pacific Island Church told to take lead role in climate change

Leader of a global alliance of Reformed Churches has told Vanuatu Presbyterians that the Church must follow “God’s will” by taking a leading role in efforts to reverse the effects of climate..
Wednesday, 15 July 2009, 8:42 (EST)

Fiji Methodist Church Last Effort To Lift Regime 5-Year Conference Ban Failed

A meeting between the President of Fiji’s Methodist Church and the interim Prime Minister has failed to overturn a decision to ban this year’s church Conference, Radio New Zealand International..
Tuesday, 14 July 2009, 8:01 (EST)

Fiji Church Gives Last Effort To Lift Regime Conference Ban

Fiji’s Methodist church is pinning its last hope on the meeting with interim Prime Minister this week will result in it to go ahead with an important annual conference that happens in August every..
Tuesday, 26 May 2009, 5:28 (EST)

Church opposed to euthanasia bill in Tasmania

The Anglican Church is up in arms against a bill allowing voluntary euthanasia in Tasmania, which will be introduced to the state's Parliament on Tuesday. The Bishop of Tasmania John Harrower said..
Thursday, 12 March 2009, 10:18 (EST)

Arkansas Lawmaker to Reintroduce Guns in Churches Bill

In the wake of the Illinois church shooting, an Arkansas lawmaker said she will reintroduce a bill allowing concealed handguns in Arkansas churches. The original bill, sponsored by Rep. Beverly..
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