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Christian poverty campaigner slams Facebook over tax, calls for everyone to switch it off for a day

Thursday, 18 October 2012, 6:41 (EST)
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The head of Church Action on Poverty has criticised Facebook after the social networking giant was accused of tax dodging.

Newspapers reported last week that Facebook paid only $370,000 (AUD) in corporation tax on UK earnings of up to $272 million (AUD).

Coffee giant Starbucks has also come under fire for avoiding paying corporation tax on UK sales of $619 million (AUD) last year. MPs are calling upon HM Revenue & Customs to launch an investigation.

Writing in his blog, CAP head Niall Cooper said he was considering organising a "Switch Off Facebook" day to force the social networking site to pay its fair share.

He put the proposal to his readers, with 93% saying they supported the idea.

He said: "Every pound Facebook and other major corporations dodge in taxes is a pound less to spend on essential public services, health, education and benefits – and the impact is increasingly being felt by individuals, families and communities across the country.

"Facebook generates the bulk of its revenue using a ‘pay per view’ or ‘pay per click’ advertising.

"If Facebook users publicly ‘switched off Facebook’ for a day – and at the same time called on the company to pay its fair share of taxes – we would hit them where it hurts most: In the wallet."

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