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Aira Chilcott is a retired secondary school teacher with lots of science and theology under her belt. Aira is a panellist for Young Writers and indulges in reading, bushwalking, volunteering at a nature reserve and learning to play clarinet.  Aira is married to Bill and they have three adult sons.

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  • Persecution in China

    The Chinese Church is standing on the threshold of major persecution. China has around 115 million Protestant Christians, less than 30 million of whom attend CCP-approved churches.

  • Human rights violations in Vietnam, Uzbekistan and Pakistan

    Christians in each of these countries are experiencing persecution in different ways.

  • Terrorism in Nigeria

    Every Sunday throughout August 2020, a church in Narayi, a suburb on the south eastern edge of Kaduna City in Nigeria, is holding a prayer and protest event in response to violence ravaging southern Kaduna.

  • Reforms face resistance in Sudan

    Sudan has suffered a lot of human rights abuses over the years, but with a government that is keen on reform, Morning Star News reports there is great hope for the future.

  • Persecution in Ethiopia and Syria

    Persecution can be deliberate and targeted, as in Ethiopia, or it may be a consequence of some well-intentioned but not well thought out legislation, as in Syria.

  • Are Christians persecuted in Australia?

    No, of course not, according to an article in The Conversation! It is ludicrous to even suggest that! In fact, Christians do some of the persecuting!

  • More on persecution

    In my last article I wrote about persecution of Christians in the world today, with just a few examples. I would like to continue this as an occasional series, highlighting persecution in some areas of the world and at home and urging readers to pray for these brothers and sisters.

  • Persecution of Christians

    When I first became a Christian (late 60s, early 70s) I was drawn to stories of Christians in other countries who were persecuted for their faith. I avidly read the Jesus Freaks books and wondered if it ever came to that, would I be strong enough to stand up for Jesus?

  • Just go for a walk!

    In the absence of regular appointments and things to do each week, we have amazing opportunities to spend time outdoors. I am blessed by living in a suburb with a long hill at the back, as part of Canberra Nature Park.

  • Are you contagious?

    No, I’m not going to talk about COVID 19, because I think we’ve had enough. But I do want to mention some things about contagion.