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Aira Chilcott is a retired secondary school teacher with lots of science andtheology under her belt. Aira is a panellist and editor for PSI and indulges inreading, bushwalking and volunteering at a nature reserve. Aira is married to Billand they have three adult sons.

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  • Updates on Sudan, India, Nigeria and Indonesia

    Please pray that God would protect, sustain and bless his precious, faithful, suffering Church in the Sudan, India, Nigeria and Indonesia; may he provide all her needs -- material and spiritual -- and enable the believers to 'shine like stars' as they 'hold out the word of life' .

  • Revival and persecution in India and Afghanistan

    The caste system in India is an ancient way of structuring society. In 1950, Independent India's constitution banned discrimination based on caste, and, to correct historical injustices and provide a level playing field to the traditionally disadvantaged

  • Struggles in Sudan and Ethiopia

    It is impossible to overstate the difficulties faced by citizens of countries where Islamists seek to have control and impose their ideals.

  • Pray for Afghanistan

    I would like to start this article by quoting a friend of mine – Steve Neuhaus, who spent a short time in Afghanistan late in 2009 and early 2010. His role was to pastor the Australian military flock by, among other things, conducting services at the Ghan Chapel (photo above) with its cross of sacrifice.

  • Even when we don’t see it, He’s working

    I have written long and often about the persecution of Christians around the world. Persecution presents a dire picture and is in fact so far from our own experience that it’s hard to relate to. You might wonder how, in countries where persecution is rife, Christians can live and hold on to their faith.

  • Terror and turmoil in Nigeria, Ethiopia and Eritrea

    In September 2020 I wrote about terrorism in Nigeria at the hands of Fulani tribesmen and Boko Haram. Not only is terrorism afflicting Nigerians, particularly ethnic Christians in the south of Kaduna State, but Nigerians are also labouring under the repression of Government corruption and injustice.

  • Updates on Myanmar, India and Papua

    It is really hard to keep reading about the persecution of Christians in other countries, when we are powerless to physically do anything about it. But we need to keep our eyes fixed on our loving and powerful God, for whom nothing is impossible!

  • Christians imperiled in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Burkina Faso

  • Support for persecuted Christians

    It can be quite depressing to hear all that is happening around the world against Christians, even though we know that God is good and is all-powerful. I think it’s important to know that there are groups whose whole raison d’etre is to do all they can to support these people and to bring to the world’s attention what is happening to them. Here are some brief snapshots of some of these groups.

  • Some little-known incidents of persecution in the world

    Persecution of Christians and other religious groups is world wide. Much of the persecution that is ‘news-worthy’ is that perpetrated by Islamic State in countries of Africa and the Middle East. But there are other parts of the world not often brought to our attention, where Christians are targeted and need our prayers.