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Aira Chilcott is a retired secondary school teacher with lots of science andtheology under her belt. Aira is a panellist and editor for PSI and indulges inreading, bushwalking and volunteering at a nature reserve. Aira is married to Billand they have three adult sons.

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  • Support for persecuted Christians

    It can be quite depressing to hear all that is happening around the world against Christians, even though we know that God is good and is all-powerful. I think it’s important to know that there are groups whose whole raison d’etre is to do all they can to support these people and to bring to the world’s attention what is happening to them. Here are some brief snapshots of some of these groups.

  • Some little-known incidents of persecution in the world

    Persecution of Christians and other religious groups is world wide. Much of the persecution that is ‘news-worthy’ is that perpetrated by Islamic State in countries of Africa and the Middle East. But there are other parts of the world not often brought to our attention, where Christians are targeted and need our prayers.

  • Persecution of Christians in China ramps up

    It seems as though the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is completely blind to the fact that God, who created the universe and redeems his people, cannot be stamped out through brute force.

  • Heightened persecution of Christians during Ramadan

    In 2021, Ramadan, the month of fasting, runs from 12/13 April to 13 May. Today, many Muslims worldwide are genuinely seeking God and are opposed to violence, seeking peace, and observing Ramadan as a means to demonstrate their devotion to Allah.

  • Myanmar, Ethiopia and Algeria

    In my last article I gave a little background to the crisis in Myanmar, with some specific prayer points. This time I will elaborate on the situation there, and mention two other areas in the world – Ethiopia and Algeria – which also need our prayers.

  • Myanmar’s (Burma’s) Christians in peril

    Myanmar has been in the news recently, after a coup carried out by the Tatmadaw (Burmese military) on 1 February 2021, overturning the elected government and preventing recently elected lawmakers from opening a new session of Parliament.

  • Subjugation of Christians in China and Iran

    In both countries, the regimes are ignoring the concept of religious freedom and seeking to control their populations by force.

  • Expecting persecution

    We are living in interesting times - so many changes happening. When I think of the persecuted people in our world, I think we don’t take the threat of persecution very seriously – I mean, that happens in other countries, not here in Australia!

  • Piercing through the fog

    Two events of the past year, namely the Covid-19 pandemic threat and the drama of the US Presidential election, have consumed our media feeds and our attention.

  • What is impossible with man…

    As I was doing some reading in preparation for this article, I came across a very interesting comment piece in The Guardian by a Jewish rabbi named Ephraim Mirvis.