Akeel Henry

Press Services International

Akeel Henry is a prisoner of hope. He enjoys sharing the hope of Jesus Christ with all individuals. He is currently a trained biochemist who aspires to become a medical doctor and pastor in the future. He believes that the secret to contentment is a moment by moment dependence on God’s grace, power and provisions. 

  • Are all relationships reconcilable?

    It’s disheartening to see how domestic violence has caused so much pain in the lives of many Jamaicans.  A local newspaper in 2018 told the sad tale of a woman who “was allegedly stabbed to death by her husband” (The Gleaner,2018). Once again, another victim of domestic violence.

  • Letter from a prisoner of hope

    Two weeks ago, I was listening to Christine Cain’s Equip and Empower podcast. In her podcast, Christine said three words which invoked a deep reflection on my Christian journey. These three words were “Prisoner of Hope”.