Ben Campbell

Press Service International

Ben Campbell is the CEO Africa Enterprise and Laura Bennett is a contributor for African Enterprise and radio host at Hope 103.2 based in Sydney.

  • COVID Response AE South Africa

    As of the 15th of April 2020, South Africa had 2,415 confirmed coronavirus cases, the highest number in Africa. Although the novel coronavirus pandemic has not yet caused widespread devastation in South Africa.

  • Masked, but not silenced

    In Kenya, more than 80% of the working population are engaged in informal employment, and it is the livelihoods of these informal labourers that are devastated by COVID-19 related Public Health measures.

  • African Enterprise in Malawi

    Malawi is a landlocked country in Southern Africa, often described as “the warm heart of Africa” because of the friendliness of its people.

  • ICT, the future of vocational training in Africa

    The current world-wide technological revolution, also known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, will not escape Africa.

  • Self Help Groups, eliminating poverty in Rwanda

    In seeking to empower the vulnerable, and offer them the dignity of helping themselves out of poverty, African Enterprise Rwanda has successfully adopted the Self Help Group (SHG) approach.

  • Understanding the Mission Field - Arba Minch

    Arba Minch, which literally means 40 springs, was founded in the early 1960s on the edge of Abaya lake, south of the capital Addis Ababa and toward the borders of Uganda and Kenya.

  • African Enterprise - The Making of an Evangelist – Part 2

    The first part discussed the demanding needs of this Harare congregation and we catch up with the story at this point -

  • African Enterprise - The Making of an Evangelist

    AE team leaders can tell many amazing stories of redemption, and it’s not often that we have an opportunity to hear about their own journey, and what underpins their life-long commitment to evangelism. In this article, we cover the early life of African Enterprise’s Bishop Guide Makore and his pathway to evangelist and team leader of African Enterprise Zimbabwe.  

  • African Enterprise to Launch New Missions Training in 2020

    Next year, we’re excited to announce African Enterprise will be rolling out a new, universal training program for our staff and local evangelists.

  • Growing hope, health and sustainability through AE

    Poverty has created a terrible cycle of devastation in African communities, however the team at African Enterprise has spearheaded an amazing community intervention in Rwanda to prevent the terrible impact of poor nutrition and hopelessness.