Brad Quilliam 

Press Services International

Brad Quilliam is a member of the 'One Day in Melbourne’ conference managed by  Well-Being Australia and Press Service International. Brad prefers to share songs from either personal experience or revelation, to provide encouragement and a strengthening of faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. A committed Christian, with many years experience through various church ministries and the ability to demonstrate stability under extreme circumstances. He has extensive experience in community development, disaster recovery and experienced many years of establishing and managing business and developing innovative enterprises.

  • Song - 'Into the Water'

    So with a gospel themed song titled "Into the Water" it would be safe to say that the song has some sort of baptism reference, and in this case you would be correct.

  • Introducing H.E.L.P Network

    On the 1st June 2020 it was with great enthusiasm that we could introduce to you a new FREE initiative that will provide hope, encouragement, love and prayer for those who need such assistance.

  • Song - 'Here I am to Serve you Lord'

    It's usually during or directly after I've spent time at the feet of the Lord praying or just waiting on the Lord, that I get words come to me, and in this case with a song titled "Here I am to Serve you Lord" there was obviously a time of reflecting on what my purpose is once we accept the Lord's call and join ourselves through baptism into his life.

  • I'll say a Prayer 'for you'  -  Music

    I'm greatly encouraged to share this song (I’ll say a Prayer 'for You') with Christian Today, particularly as it's relevant with it's lyrics to pray for each other particularly during these times of unrest.