Cartia Moore

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Cartia Moore is a sword fighter, trained and skilled in the art of fencing. She has recently graduated from her Bachelor of Arts degree and has completed an Honours in Screen & Media Studies. She is now going on to do a Master of Teaching (Secondary), focusing in the teaching areas of English and Film studies. She is passionate and driven to inspire and encourage others to seek and find their worth and value in Him.

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  • Job: when everything gets taken away

    God is mysterious, but He always knows what He is doing.

  • Grace – what is in a name?

  • Free speech or controlled thought?

    For anyone who loves the Disney Plus Mandalorian series, or is just interested in politics and scandalous news, I am sure you are well aware of the recent events that have occurred.  

  • The small Voice

    The voice, an all-familiar voice, is ever-present. From this voice I am able to discern right from wrong, identify the good and the bad, and am halted when I am headed down a dark road (physically and mentally) or entering into a dangerous place.

  • Take your thoughts captive

    I love the human mind and how we can literally convince ourselves we are invincible. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t.

  • Believe in a fierce God

    My God is a God of strength, of courage, of incredible might and righteous anger. He does not sit by lightly and reconsider, re-evaluate, change His mind, or become inconsistent. 

  • What are you fighting for?

    Boldness comes in various forms. To be bold is to be brave; to stand up, and sometimes to stand alone.

  • Comparison: The corruption of good character

    Role models are so important in our lives. My parents and my grandparents are some of those role models who I aspire to model my life off every day.

  • Humility and persecution

    When the ongoing events of 2020 hit the world, we all experienced something that changed the way we view our life.

  • Stop looking for Boaz and start looking for Jesus

    As a single female, the moment you step into the life of a Christian you become no stranger to the concept of ‘finding your Boaz’. It is an extraordinarily romantic expectation of what Christian women should strive for in a godly man.