Charley Cox

Press Service International

  • Giving up is not on!

    Like every 20-something I am learning that life is not always easy. We set out to try new things and we get knocked down again and again and again.

  • Procrastinating is dangerous

    If you have found yourself playing fetch with your dog; re-arranging your sock drawer; repeatedly assessing the contents of your fridge; falling into the world of Facebook; or repeatedly tailoring your ‘Study Session’ playlist instead of actually studying…you may in fact be a Serial Procrastinator.

  • Mirror Mirror: Will I be the one who breaks the glass

    “Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?” Just a quote from a famous fairy tale? Think again.

  • Do ya feel me?

    Early last week I had a rather unusual experience. In all regards, it was just another Monday night: I sat watching a TV playback of Shark Tank Australia as a young entrepreneur presented his start-up business idea to a panel of self-made millionaire entrepreneurs in the hopes of scoring an investor and business partner.

  • Do you see me?

    Last night I set foot into the acting studio again to recommence Meisner training. There are not words to explain the excitement that I felt re-entering this space!

  • Now I'm married, what about that twenties crisis

    In 2013 I wrote about the twenties crisis and now I am married, I might reflect a little on that period in my life, which it seems to me, every young person experiences in some measure.

  • A cautionary tale – a modicum of fun involved

    I am convinced that as Christians in the Western World we need to learn to have fun.

  • Look long and hard

    'If you don't fully commit you will make a fool of yourself'.