Christina Jones

Press Service International

Christina Jones is a Press Service International young writer from the USA.

  • The shadow over Charlottesville

    This is not the article I set out to write this month. But then Charlottesville happened.

  • Journalism and propaganda

    I both love and struggle with the way God is not in the business of sugarcoating anything. For example, a religious person and a non-religious person are equally likely to be offended by something they read in the Bible.

  • Why romance matters

    My name is Christina and I am a closet romantic.

  • When love doesn’t seem easy

    I still remember the face of a girl who transferred to my high school about halfway to graduation.

  • When the burden doesn’t feel light

    One night a couple of years ago, I was talking to somebody I love very much about her journey away from faith.

  • If God is with me, why am I lonely?

    Somewhere between Sunday School and youth group, I picked up the idea that if I were in a right relationship with God, I would always feel fulfilled.