Cindy Cheng

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Cindy Cheng was born and brought up in central China. Cindy enjoys travelling and reading history books. Cindy is inspired by talking with local people when travelling abroad experiencing different parts of the world, as well as herself.

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  • Learn from the creeping vine

    In summer, there are plenty of plants and flowers flourishing in Beijing. The creeping vine is the least conspicuous plan, and I wouldn’t think of it, if it hadn’t been for the creeper on the wall in front of my new apartment.

  • See through to the truth

    I’ve found that there is both beauty and power in seeing through to the very truth of something or somebody. I would like to start with a recent example to explain my point here.

  • What’s more vicious than coronavirus?

    Thanks to God’s mercy and grace, coronavirus in China is now under control to some extent. Meanwhile, there are some disturbing news came out recently while celebrating the positive progress.

  • Broadcast your life before God

    It seems that people today, in this age of fast tempo, prefer quick and short visual stimulation rather than considered reading and deep thinking.  To meet this demand, there have been dozens of instant messaging applications developed in recent years, many of them in China.  For example, Tik Tok is regarded as the most influential one.

  • I survived coronavirus, now what?

    Thanks to God’s mercy! Coronavirus is finally under control in China to some extent. Domestic confirmed cases have been reduced to single figures since the end of March. With the lifting of the sixty-five-day lockdown in Hubei province, I can now step out of the door and gradually resume my usual life.

  • Restart 2020 in God’s family

    2020 was bound to be memorable for people around the world. In China, over 2,900 people died and 80,000 people were infected with coronavirus.

  • New Year with coronavirus

    The Chinese Lunar New Year is always supposed to be a special family reunion occasion. However, it’s bound to be different and difficult this year because of the coronavirus outbreak, which was largely reported a week prior to the Chinese Lunar New Year. What made it more pertinent to me was that the virus originated in Wuhan, the capital city of Hubei province, where I was born and brought up.

  • What do you thank God for this year?

    One week prior to thanksgiving, our pastor encouraged us to think back the past year and give thanks to God’s work in our lives. I have thought about it and decided to highlight three major things here.

  • No one but Jesus

    In the era of information explosion, we are highly exposed to various information more than ever. Meanwhile, in a fast-pacing and rapidly changing world, people are forced to react towards that information, either actively or passively. I wonder if you feel as tired of it all as I do. 

  • Precious friends in Christ

    It has been two and half years since I became a Christian. Looking back, I can’t help thanking God for people who led me to Christ. Out of faith towards a same Father, they are now my dear brothers in the Lord.  Robert Ruck