Elise Pappas

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Elise Pappas is a Pastor and together with her husband pastor a church on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. They have a son, Jonathan and a daughter, Sophie. Elise is a former clinical drug trial research coordinator and business owner. She writes about life and ministry experiences.

  • Awaken leadership

    Just this month my husband and I have started an exciting new ministry called Awaken Leadership. It is an online platform which includes articles that we have written and information surrounding my new book Promise Keeper.

  • The spiritual side of things

    In Kevin H. Brooks’ Thesis proposal he discusses apathy in the church and moving people toward a biblical healthy discipleship model. His research argues the statement – ‘A ministry filled with servants instead of spectators will help unify the body and more effectively reach the community.’

  • The unknown

    Not that long ago we celebrated our friend’s 40th birthday. We were expected home at a certain time, of course to relieve our baby-sitter from their baby-sitting duties. We had an hour and a half worth of travel and sadly we were just 22 minutes from arriving home when we were completely stopped on the highway. It became evident that an accident had occurred only moments ahead of us.

  • Unfailing love

    An unfailing love is a love so freely given with no strings attached. A love we do not deserve, a love of purest form. A love that testifies with time, a love that redeems and transforms. This unfailing love surrounds the one who trusts in him (Psalm chapter 32, verse 10).

  • A Whisper from Heaven

    “I’m here if you want to talk to me.” Were the words I felt the Holy Spirit share with me.

  • Plight of humanity

    Recently I was listening to a short video by Brene Brown on Empathy. In this video she explains that the only thing that makes another person feel any better about their current situation is connectedness.

  • Hidden Treasures

    I was recently listening to a short video by Paul Scanlon where he speaks about the gift hidden in all of this (referring to this current season) that no one can see because the wrapping is so horrendous.

  • Rest in His Armchair of Love

    Growing up in our family home we had two armchairs, each passed down from my Grandfathers. They were the kind of chairs that after a long day of school you would collapse into.

  • Truth Carriers

    With the endless supply of information, it is sometimes difficult to know what is true and what is untrue.

  • Power in Transition

    Everybody transitions in and out of seasons. Some seasons can involve multiple transitions in different areas of life.