Emma Seabrook

Press Service International

  • 30 Life Lessons

    I recently gained myself entry into the 30’s club. And like several other people, this round number gave me pause for thought. What had I achieved? What hadn’t I achieved? Who am I? I felt like I was having an existential crisis.

  • A Loving but Fiery God

  • I’m not sure if I’m a Christian anymore…

    Being a christian isn’t easy. Jesus warned us of this when he said “...in the world, you will have trouble.” Sometimes, the world gets so hard that we begin to question our faith. We begin to wonder whether it’s all a big con. Surely a God that is supposed to be so loving wouldn’t allow all the trials in the world – cancer, death, pain, heartache…

  • When the devil moves in with a family member

    What happens when the devil encourages a family member to make bad decisions and behave in inappropriate ways?

  • When you resent a parent

    If you’ve read some of my other articles, you’ll notice I’m a fan of writing articles based on my own experiences or opinions. And this one is no different.

  • Power of prayer

    It’s no secret that I have been praying for a job. Having left my previous employer at the end of September 2016, I have found myself losing a bit more each week of the things I had.

  • “Perhaps God needed another angel”

    It’s a phrase we most often hear when a child or young adult has died. We think that saying something like this lessens the pain the family left behind a feeling. Surely, they receive comfort knowing their loved one is so important to God.

  • The Rev Michael Cocks' story

    Michael Cocks is a fourth generation Anglican priest in the Diocese of Christchurch, and shares with his father, Maurice, a desire to explore the spiritual experiences which lie behind the teachings of Christianity.

  • Temporary Closed for Spiritual Maintenance

    After feeling very unmotivated for a few days, I decided to indulge and spent some time looking at inspirational quotes on Pinterest.

  • Bible Society New Zealand still spreading the Good News

    Bible Society New Zealand (BSNZ) is one of the biggest Christian charities in New Zealand. This year they celebrate their 171st year of operation, making them one of the oldest organisations in the country.