Jarred Pienaar

Press Service International

 Jarred is an HPE and Mathematics teacher on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, he is married to Haley and has three beautiful children Chelsea, Nathan and Ryan.  

  • Memoires of a tired parent

    Do you remember a time, when you could literally do whatever you wanted to do?

  • Wrestling with life together

    Have you ever struggled with doubt? I mean real doubt in your faith?

  • Awesome and amazing

    Do you remember when you last stood in awe of something? Where that thing, that event, that experience just made you stare in absolute wonder!

  • Praying for the depraved

    Have you ever been angry? I am sure you have, but have you been angry to the point where you feel nothing but hate for that thing, that situation, that person?

  • Lessons from the Lorax

     A few months back my wife purchased the entire Dr. Seuss collection to add to our growing book case of children’s books. We have made it a point to read to our daughter every day. It forms the foundation of our night time routine when putting her to sleep. We have read everything from the Hungry Caterpillar to Hairy McClary. I really enjoy these moments with Chelsea; it’s a bonding moment for us. I love to read and I hope that my children will one day develop a love for it as well.

  • Kindness is simple (or is it?)

    I just finished watching an online video of a gentleman who bought a car for a middle-aged woman working at McDonalds. It was beautiful. To give you some background on the story, this guy frequents McDonalds for breakfast every day and struck up a friendship with this worker.

  • To gamble or change a life 

    We have all seen the ads. We have all been caught up in the whirlwind of excitement when the lottery hits those massive figures. $50,000,000 the TV screams. One ball can change it all! And we start dreaming. What could you do with all that money? Year-round holidays, a big fancy house, quit your job and drive a Ferrari. These are the things that dreams are made of.

  • A resolution you can’t afford to ignore

    I have recently finished my summer holidays and I am now back at school for another term. The six weeks off was a great opportunity for me to really enjoy my little family. While it wasn’t the most exciting or even most restful of holidays, I absolutely cherished the moments I got spend with Haley and the kids.

  • The crying shame of the holiday season

    I am at the end of my first decade of teaching. It has been a long year with many ups and many downs. In truth 2018 has been my busiest, happiest and most difficult. I am now officially on holiday and I have 6 weeks at home with Haley and the kids.

  • The struggle to be Christlike

    A friend recently suggested to me to write an article on the struggle to be Christlike in a secular world. His words to me were: