Liam Denny

Press Service International

  • Rich young rulers

    I wouldn’t consider myself rich. A working life spent in the media and ministry professions rarely leads to financial prosperity.

  • Autumn, and what comes with it.

    The seasons are finally changing. After another long and hot summer, autumn is starting to make its presence felt in Sydney.

  • The birds.

    Sometimes I find it hard to get out of bed. The alarm buzzes violently next to my head, and my mind goes straight to the overwhelming and seemingly endless list of tasks before me that day.

  • Do you love me?

    What does it mean to love someone? To really love someone?

  • Justice for all?

    Robert Xie will spend the rest of his life behind bars. The 53-year-old was recently found guilty of the brutal bashing murders of five members of his own family, during one of Sydney’s highest profile court cases.

  • Your money or your life.

    What do you owe God? What can he, earnestly, demand from you? Your time? Your money? Your life?

  • Every-moment ministry

    How do you decide how much time to give to God? How do you decide how much time you can afford to give up each week, ministering to Gods people?  How do you decide which ways to serve at church, and which ways not to?

  • Pleasure and sorrow

    Late this week I’ll be gathering with many of my relatives and loved ones, to farewell a dear family member at their funeral.

  • Death, and its solution.

    I’m so unsatisfied with the way society deals with death. It’s an increasing frustration, as I observe the latest tribute package on the nightly news bulletin, or attend yet another funeral service.

  • Farther up, farther in.

    What will heaven be like? That’s a question I’ve been dwelling on recently.