Mark Tronson

Press Service International

Dr Mark Tronson  -  a 4 min video

Chairman – Well-Being Australia

Baptist Minister 45 years

  • 1984  -  Australian cricket team chaplain 17 years (Ret)
  • 2001  -  Life After Cricket (18 years Ret)
  • 2009 -   Olympic Ministry Medal – presented by Carl Lewis
  • 2019  -  The Gutenberg  -  (ARPA Christian Media premier award)  

Gutenberg video  -  2min 14sec

Married to Delma for 45 years with 4 children and 6 grand children

  • ‘Comment Writing’ guidelines for young writers

    Last week final approved was given for the document on Comment writing and distributed to all within in the young writer program.

  • Ideas

    The Press Service International young writer program philosophy is to convey their 'Voice' into the marketplace of ideas with university standard English a secondary consideration. This has now been endorsed by the latest philosophy in communicating to our current fresh generations.

  • A great truth

    Nelson Cook the founder of Coaches of Influence (COIN) in Los Angeles has been ministering to athletes and coaches for forty years and has hosted me on many occasions and invited me to address athlete and coaches' meetings and various men's functions.

  • Consider your birthday

    Perhaps it is time we reconsidered our birthday as over 14 years writing this column I have touched on birthday previously.

  • Footplate Padre – 1000 words a minute

    The Footplate Padre has written sixteen books on railways, more specifically, train driver's anecdotes, and these books served a niche market in the 1980's and 1990's

  • Young Writers ‘BEST’ article

    At the end of Cycle 5 in July, the half way point of the 2022 Press Service International (PSI) young writer program in conjunction with Christian Today, each young writer selects their ‘BEST’ article.

  • Islamism - last week’s alert  

    Last week, yes, only last week, there were several commentaries on the ugly side of Islamist scourge and the current fear of a resurgence.

  • Table tennis table to CYC – 75th anniversary

    CYC Burleigh (Gold Coast) in 2022 is celebrating their 75th anniversary and it was befitting to donate the 30 year pre-loved Well-Being Australia table tennis table.

  • The Bible in NZ

    This article features New Zealanders and the Bible.

  • The art of the politic

    Engaging in some research from a previous article, I found this piece from some years ago how playing politics 'can be identified'.