Rebecca Bowie

Press Service International

  • This is When it Became Real, Things Needed to Change

    What is life? This is so often the question I ask myself. One week I am preparing for an Easter festival, the next I am wearing an an Islander dress, simulating missions for our students.

  • Even before we wake

    There are a lot of things in the world that we can get almost immediately. Life can sometimes feel like we are holding a magic wand and as soon as we wave it, our wish has been granted.

  • When God writes

    The cafe culture of Brisbane is one I love to explore.

  • Rejoice, the Lord is your strength

    A new year brings the feeling of new opportunities, experiences and adventure. People are often excited to turn over a new leaf.

  • Option – Three wishes

    What would you do with your wish?

  • Simplistic Christianity

    Slap bracelets, spiked hair and mood rings. Some things should stay in the 90s but others launched us forward in to today; Google, DVD’s and Mp3 players.

  • The man in red

    A man in red, with a white beard and a sack on his back. You start talking about this person to any kid and their face will light up with excitement.

  • Moving from fear into freedom

    As little kids we are taught the difference between right and wrong. We know that if we touch a hot stove, the consequence will be a burnt hand.

  • What did Mary know?

    Captivation and hunger stirred inside a young girl and from this deep unanswered yearning she cried out for more.

  • Riding the whirlwind

    The contradiction between a crazy, yet gentle, never ending whirlwind; one in which I wasn't sure how to ride.