Ross Clifford

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Rev Dr Ross Clifford AM is the Principal of Morling College (NSW Baptist) and author of numerous books many of which focus on Christian Apologetics. He is a Vice President of the Baptist World Alliance, President of the Asian Baptist Association, an acclaimed international preacher and speaker, a columnist in many Christian publications, winner of many national and international awards and for many years the Sunday evening Sydney Radio 2CH host. Ross is married to Bev, father and grand father.

  • It’s true for you, but not true for me – Part 2

    If we study the teaching of the world’s religions we quickly discover that their claims are mutually exclusive. They cannot all be true because they contradict each other in their basic views about God, humanity, and our final destinies. The Boston philosopher Edgar Sheffield Brightman observed:

  • “It’s true for you, but not true for me – Part 1

    Our world has become a global village through television, fast travel and mass migration. Different cultures now mix together as the distance between the nations has shrunk. If we look around us we see a variety of world-views in our communities. Our cities are home to Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus and Christians alike.

  • Did Jesus go to India?

    Did Jesus go to India? Was he taught by Hindu and Buddhist sages? There are many who are convinced that between the ages of 12-29, Jesus travelled.

  • Morling and Vose Seminaries merge

    This is the joint announcement last month from the boards of Morling College Sydney and Baptist Churches Western Australia.

  • Coronavirus and the End Times-Three Certainties

    In recent times, the people of NSW and the ACT have suffered much.

  • Winter courses at Morling    

    As we enter “our winter of disconnect,” we invite you to use the time to become more connected with God, His Word, and His people.

  • Evening classes – Morling

    We are grateful for the students that call Morling home for their theological education, but the challenge is still before us in raising up men and women to serve God

  • Ministry and Learning Centre – Morling College

    As Principal of Morling Cillege (NSW Baptist Seminary) I am able to report with good news  -  our new Ministry and Learning Centre (MALC) is open.

  • Prostitution has so many evils

    Nola is a remarkable story. Nola turned to sex work after becoming a single mother while she was still a teenager. Selling her body was her desperate way of getting enough money to support her children with special needs.

  • The empty tomb has a clear case

    Sir Lionel Luckhoo, according to the The Sydney Morning Herald wascalled the “Perry Mason of the Caribbean.”  And that he was.