Sharma Taylor

Press Service International

Sharma Taylor is a corporate attorney with a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Law from Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand. She won the 2017 Basil Sellers International Young Writers prize in the Press Service International young writer program, the 2019 Tronson Award (International) and the 2021 Basil Sellers award for International Senior Writers. Every day, she loves experiencing the beautiful surprises that God has stored up for her and longs to keep cultivating a servant-heart.

  • The Stopgap Effect

    Have you ever felt like you're just taking up space?

  • Look out! How to avoid repeating mistakes

    Why is it that we can so clearly see the mistakes of others, and yet repeat these same mistakes in our own lives?

  • The God of Small Things

  • This addiction could kill you

  • Humility: who needs it?

    Listen to the secular media and you’ll be bombarded with messages telling you that that you’re all-sufficient, your needs are most important, that you control your destiny, that power is in your hands. It all adds up to the sometimes subtle, but always subversive, message that you don’t need God or other people.

  • How to lead: biblical lessons on leadership (Part 2) - three questions to ask

    Last time, I shared some key lessons on leadership. In this article, I’d like to outline some additional principles which I believe will provide food for thought for a Christian leader looking to improve how they lead.

  • How to lead - 3 Biblical lessons on leadership

    I recently started a new job in a different company. My current role is the most senior position I have ever held. I am in charge of leading a team of legal professionals in serving a dynamic, fast-paced regional financial services conglomerate. It is both an honour and a weighty responsibility.

  • What do you know?

    A co-worker who moved to Barbados a couple of months ago, told me about her cousin from overseas who’d recently visited her in Barbados.

  • How The Wisdom of My Friend Harry Can Help Your Relationships

    My friend Harry has the kind of marriage that single and married folks would envy. If you spend any time with Harry, you’ll immediately notice how frequently he brings up his “honey”, his wife to whom he’s been married for over 30 years.

  • Three Life-changing Resolutions for 2021

    Maybe, like me, you started 2021 with targets about what you wanted to achieve. Perhaps you’re now questioning your ability to reach the goals made about your health, fitness, finances and so on.