Tamara Dickens

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Tamara Dickens is a member of the Transformed Life Church in Jamaica where she serves in the Prayer and Production Ministries, and as a Life Group Leader. Tamara is passionate about teaching and sharing the word of God. It is Tamara's hope that all will come into the revelation and knowledge of God and His unwavering love for us.

  • Thunderstorm

    In Jamaica the months of September and October tend to be on the rainy side, actually the very rainy side. The weather forecast in recent times has been characterized by torrential rain and thunderstorms. The heavy rains are often times accompanied by very strong winds and floods which frequently result in land slippages.

  • The Tamara Dickens STORY

    I’ve always felt called by the Lord. For as far I can remember I’ve always had a pull towards the spiritual. My 10 year old self would often invite discussions with Rastafarians and Christians in the community on issues of faith and religion.

  • A hard-knocked life

    There are times in our lives when we come face to face with our greatest fears and what we perceive to be insurmountable challenges.

  • Dearest Father

    On June 21, 2020 Father’s Day was celebrated in my country. If you know me, you know that my father and I share a very special bond. He is my world, my everything, and I love him with every fibre in my being.

  • Created in His image

    Whether you are a believer or not, you would have, at some point in your life, read or heard of the creation story.

  • Blinders on

    The world has been plunged into a crisis of great proportions, a crisis unlike any crisis we have ever seen. Well at least in modern times and definitely not since the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918.