Tim Robertson

Press Service International

Tim Robertson is from Sydney, and likes to write about recent learnings in the hope that other people may also benefit from them.

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  • Virtue

    One issue that has been upon my heart these past four years has been a growing abundance in the world of lowering standards of attitude and integrity.

  • Knowing verses believing 

    As a 4th year engineering student, I work with equations that theoretically need to be true and accurate. With this comes a constant issue of knowing and believing—something I have to face daily. 

  • The unseen, the invisible

    Throughout our entire lives as Christians we are engaged in a battle against an invisible enemy, and it is our job to pass on the means to victory onto others.

  • Think impossible, think God

    God performs all sorts of miracles in our lives and it's at the times where there is no hope of succeeding that we see often see Him accomplish the impossible.