Wayne Graham

Press Service International

Wayne worked in the media for more than 30 years before leaving to follow a call to set up The Daily Encourager, a values based media showcasing the best of New Zealand society. He has a passion for Jesus, enjoys walking, ball sports, the arts and song writing.

  • The dream

    Since I was born I have suffered from occasional bouts of conjunctivitis. Conjunctivitis is not pleasant. My eyes become inflamed, sore, red and stick together after I fall asleep during the night.

  • The minority report

    With an open mind I visited the anti-mandate protest camp at Parliament in Wellington, New Zealand in February. I had some empathy for the protestors plight. Many of my friends are not vaccinated and are paying a price for their stance.

  • Moments of awe

  • Tales of the unexpected

    The temptation was too much. It was a hot summers day at university and lying on the grass sunbathing one floor below me were half a dozen engineering students.

  • Travelling through time

  • Making amends

  • Hope

    I recently bought a dog who I have named after my late Grandfather George. He is great company for me, but little did I know that George would bring confidence and healing to other dogs and their owners in our community.

  • The journey from hell

    As we face the uncomfortable time of a delta outbreak in New Zealand, I remember an uncomfortable moment I faced with my daughter a few years ago, while travelling from Morocco to Spain.

  • Facing Clucky

    I cowered in the corner of my playpen. On the other side, also cowering and staring straight back at me was Clucky, our bantam hen. We both stood there trembling, staring at each other, neither of us willing to move an inch.

  • Finding your sweet spot

    It was the annual University winter tournament and the Otago and Canterbury rugby league teams were playing each other. Otago found themselves two players short and the champion Canterbury team were keen for a more even contest.