Long Walks

Long Walks

The streets are not so empty anymore, and even though you cannot see the smiles, the eyes tell it all. There is something about taking a long walk that calms the mind. .

  • The Importance of Repentance

    As a Christian, an important part of my relationship with God is my repentance. This is because, it is through my repentance that I communicate to God that I am sincerely sorry.

  • Arsenal Secure Europe with FA Cup triumph

    England’s most prestigious trophy (the FA Cup) has gone to London with the Gunners registering their first Major trophy in 3 years. Arsenal are also the record holders with the most amount of FA Cup winners Titles with 14 now – an incredible & impressive achievement.

  • UWS  -  what is it ? 

    Israel’s Moshe Arens writing for Haaretz challenged the “unilateral withdrawal syndrome” relating it to some of Israel’s military men turned politicians.

  • The Repair Shop God

    Perhaps the nicest show on television has been screening here in New Zealand this year. The Repair Shop is a British show where people take their old worn-down family heirlooms to be fixed by a team of tender, loving and expert craftspeople.

  • What does love look like?

    I often wonder how God can love people and judge them at the same time. Intellectually, I understand that God must be able to do this, because, you know, God is God.

  • See through to the truth

    I’ve found that there is both beauty and power in seeing through to the very truth of something or somebody. I would like to start with a recent example to explain my point here.

  • Mirrors

    Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? This famous quote from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs often reflects our most common use of a mirror: to see ourselves (with a tinge of vanity!). We would all agree that being presentable is definitely more appealing than the opposite.

  • Don’t just check your privilege; channel it.

    Back in 2018, I wrote an article, “Of Witches and Whales”, observing the strange yet incredible efforts of the humpback whales, who help, rescue, or even get into good ol’ fisticuffs to defend, any animal they come across that is being hurt or attacked. 

  • Song - 'Here I am to Serve you Lord'

    It's usually during or directly after I've spent time at the feet of the Lord praying or just waiting on the Lord, that I get words come to me, and in this case with a song titled "Here I am to Serve you Lord" there was obviously a time of reflecting on what my purpose is once we accept the Lord's call and join ourselves through baptism into his life.

  • Must I Pay my Tithe?

    Tithe has been a subject of controversy for many years. Some have claimed it is an old testament law, while others say tithing also applies to new testament believers.

  • The Truth About Entanglement

    Open red table talk has given us the will to become wordsmiths; leaving the truth to be all but jaded. The word ‘entanglement’ has suddenly hit biblical proportions, I mean, ten commandments type biblical.