Musings on Truth

Musings on Truth

What is truth? A question that is common to most people I would hope. Here are some of my musings on the subject. These are simply my opinions so I'd encourage the reader to simply use them as food for thought; they are by no means authoritative. .

  • Shut up and KISS!

    You’re comfortably sat amongst the hustle and bustle of dinnertime in an elegantly decorated restaurant.

  • Absorbing only a quarter of your bible

    From my observations and interactions with many around me, a lot of us read our bibles in a slightly different manner.

  • Everyone has a faith

    We all have a faith. Even people who don’t call themselves religious or believe there is no God. Faith is a trust, confidence or belief in something.

  • The Death of Media

    Media is dead. And we have killed it.

  • The reason you shouldn’t fear Covid-19 (or anything else for that matter) Part 2

    In Part 1 under this heading I left the story at the point where Mary seemed to accuse Jesus that had he not delayed getting there, Lazarus might not have died.

  • Prime Ministers galore  

    How many Prime Ministers are needed to make a cake. Read this and you just might have an answer,

  • Against All Things Ending

    Recently I watched a video of a guy who was incredibly frustrated with all the ‘bad news’ in the world. He bemoaned the ‘Doom and Gloom’ era and gave his case for an ‘all-rosy’ future. He even cited the Bible as reason for his sunny outlook.

  • Where do I grow?

    Without doubt the past six months has caused uncertainty for us all. Uncertainty about the choices we've made in the past, uncertainty about what is happening in the present, and uncertainty about what the future will be like.

  • Marvelling at Mandela

    ‘…Marvelling at Mandela, and the spirit and humility of the man…’ – Michael Cassidy reflects on one of his meetings with South Africa’s first democratic president.

  • Tour de France

    One of the greatest sporting events in the world again delivered one of the greatest sporting dramas. Since 1903 le Tour has captured the world’s imagination as an amazing spectacle. It highlights some of the best athletes on the planet competing through some beautiful countryside.

  • Was Jesus a fireman?

    No. Not really…but bear with me. There are some striking similarities believe it or not!Firemen understand everything ...