Rethinking Community

Rethinking Community

Have you seen any articles that have titles like this: “How to Create Authentic Community in Church”, “Designing Churches for Better Community”, “3 Ways We Can Be Better at Doing Life Together”?

  • Is the Sabbath still relevant?

    Is the Sabbath still relevant?

    God was the first being to practice the Sabbath. In the book of Genesis, God created the world in six days and rested on the seventh. Yet, God doesn’t get tired. Have you thought about that?

  • Dealing with disappointment1

    Dealing with disappointment1

    Disappointment. It’s a hard thing to swallow. If you saw the title of this article and came for a 101 session about the ins and outs of dealing with disappointment, I’m sorry but you will be disappointed.

  • Finding the ‘perfect’ church (it is possible!)

    Finding the ‘perfect’ church (it is possible!)

    There’s a growing desire amongst Christians today to find a church that ‘fits’.

  • Fun at the church festival

    Fun at the church festival

    Last week, my church held its annual festival free of charge to the community. It’s always a big event and is held at a good time in the year when the weather is lovely outside and having an afternoon of kids games, music and BBQ food is great to be a part of.

  • What would Russell do?

    What would Russell do?

    Six years ago I asked myself this question, and a whole series of questions about who I was and where I was going.

  • Rap stars need Jesus too

    Rap stars need Jesus too

    There is a movie coming out in June called “All Eyez on Me”. It is based on the life of rap star Tupac Shakur who was murdered in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas in September 1996.

  • When love doesn’t seem easy

    When love doesn’t seem easy

    I still remember the face of a girl who transferred to my high school about halfway to graduation.

  • Just do it!

    Just do it!

    I have a passion for poverty alleviation, but have never been on a short-term mission trip.

  • The eternal - music's link

    The eternal - music's link

    Two years ago I wrote “I love Coldplay for many reasons”. There was something about their music resonates deeply with me. I have often said they are the secular version of the band 'Jars of Clay' for this generation. 

  • Jealousy? Is that you?

    Jealousy? Is that you?

     My heart was fluttering and my hands were shaky. My loud and steady voice had become unsure and not-so-steady as I began to drop my head. I decided that I didn’t want to look up anymore. Staring at my shoes was the only option.

  • Life on the margins       

    Life on the margins       

    In my last column, I talked about how actually going to an AFL game, rather than watching it on TV, makes you realise how many support staff there are on the ground at any one time.

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