Young people and older - staying at home

Young people and older - staying at home

Several recent Australian surveys have shown that young people are choosing to stay at home longer than their parents ever did; or they return back home at some time to save money. It seems the figures have not changed much over 15 years.

  • The nature of Good and Evil

    The nature of Good and Evil

    Last week I wrote on the nature of Wisdom (as far as I could see it) and I liked a lot of the ideas I figured out. I thought, then, that I would look at the ideas of ‘Good’ and ‘Evil’ this week and see what else I could come up with. Of course, I won’t be doing this alone; I will invoke the help of Milton, Tolkien and Dante to assist me as I discuss the ideas of the good/evil dichotomy.

  • Beautiful Discipleship

    Beautiful Discipleship

    I am writing this from Jakarta Indonesia at the conclusion of the WEA General Assembly. 800 delegates from 92 nations, 3 from Australia, gathered to launch a decade of Intentional Holistic Intergenerational Discipleship Making.

  • Cornwall Mine Miracle

    Cornwall Mine Miracle

    Cornwall is a small, strangely-quaint coal mining town in the Fingal Valley, North-East Tasmania, not far from Avoca.

  • Conversations are valuable, all of them

    Conversations are valuable, all of them

    I was having a conversation with a man that I haven’t really talked to before. Mostly because I am talking with others that I know more when this guy and I are at the same place. He’s busy talking to his friends too, so we don't really have time for a conversation together.

  • Not hard to do - pretending

    Not hard to do - pretending

    This occurs surprisingly frequently. Someone masqueraded themselves as a doctor. In this particular case the fake doctor worked at the Alice Springs Hospital in the Northern Territory.

  • Asleep in the light

    Asleep in the light

    These are a segment of lyrics from a song called “Asleep in the Light” by Keith Green. He is hands down one of my favourite Christian artists. I love the overtly powerful and convictional message this song brings, that beckons us to question the condition of our own hearts and waken us to God’s will.

  • The Mission of God Part 4 – The Role of God’s Spirit

    The Mission of God Part 4 – The Role of God’s Spirit

    As a people-orientated person, don’t we just love serving and helping people? It satisfies us.

  • Do it your way

    Do it your way

    My young family enjoys playing a game called Loot, which involves ‘floating’ out merchant ships carrying various amounts of gold and then attacking these ships with different pirate boats.

  • A load of Horus poo - Is Jesus based on an Egyptian god?

    A load of Horus poo - Is Jesus based on an Egyptian god?

    When I was growing up, I loved anything related to ancient Egypt.

  • Family remains central

    Family remains central

    A survey conducted by The Sunday Telegraph some years ago which has not changed has illustrated that in this new 21st century, 98.8% of people want to get home 'to the family' and the love of 'family meal time'.

  • Communications in 2019

    Communications in 2019

    Some would consider me an over thinker. I think about many things at many times, and I think that my degree has shaped a lot of how I think.