Faith and works—friends or enemies?

Faith and works—friends or enemies?

Martin Luther started out as a Catholic priest, but when he actually studied what the Bible said he discovered that Paul declares in Romans that justification is through faith alone..

  • Moonlight

    It was a full moon. Perhaps one of the brightest that I had ever seen. With no streetlights nearby, the moon lit up the night’s sky and revealed its full beauty. When everything around is quiet and still, the moon remains bright to guide everything through the night.

  • Stop looking for Boaz and start looking for Jesus

    As a single female, the moment you step into the life of a Christian you become no stranger to the concept of ‘finding your Boaz’. It is an extraordinarily romantic expectation of what Christian women should strive for in a godly man.

  • Older VW vans are classics

    For eighteen years our family had VW vans – that is the TA series after the classic Kombi was discontinued being manufactured. They were a box design, flat front and flat back, engine in the back.

  • Are Christians persecuted in Australia?

    No, of course not, according to an article in The Conversation! It is ludicrous to even suggest that! In fact, Christians do some of the persecuting!

  • Marks on the heart

    The human heart has a great capacity for love. But it can only really love one thing supremely. I have had a few different loves of this type over the course of my life, and once something or someone has a hold on you like that, it’s not easy to let it go. Even if it’s ripped away without your choice, you will still try and hang on.

  • “This will never end.”

    Recently, as I was reading over articles and watching the news about the tragic death of George Floyd, something caught my attention. A reporter was standing by the main street giving viewers an update of what was happening in New York when a protestor walks by and you could just make out what he was saying: “This will never end.”

  • The American gospel

    I recently watched a 140-minute documentary on Netflix called the American Gospel. A shorter first 40-minute version is freely available on YouTube to watch as well.

  • The Image of God

    Then God said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness. So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them”

  • There's more to fishing than catching fish

    Traditionally, the sportswomen among us have not been valued for their tact and speaking ability (heck, many aren't even valued for their sporting ability… cough – Maria Sharapova – cough. Pretty sure she only earns 1/24th of her annual salary from actually playing tennis). But good news, guys! They CAN actually speak with those mouths of theirs, and sometimes those words even make sense (I know some of you readers are sitting there in shock. You honestly did not think it was so).

  • Raising giants

    When my wife rings, a picture pops up on my phone. It’s of my wife holding our oldest daughter having her very first swimming lesson at 12 months of age. In the photo my wife looks happy and my daughter looks suspicious of the water.

  • 5 Steps to be free of financial woes

    My dad was a banker and he loved to dole out financial advice, such as “buy what you need”, “don’t spend more than you have to” and “save for a rainy day”. For him, financial independence was about having enough in your bank account so you could stand on your own two feet.