Do it your way

Do it your way

My young family enjoys playing a game called Loot, which involves ‘floating’ out merchant ships carrying various amounts of gold and then attacking these ships with different pirate boats.

  • A load of Horus poo - Is Jesus based on an Egyptian god?

    A load of Horus poo - Is Jesus based on an Egyptian god?

    When I was growing up, I loved anything related to ancient Egypt.

  • Family remains central

    Family remains central

    A survey conducted by The Sunday Telegraph some years ago which has not changed has illustrated that in this new 21st century, 98.8% of people want to get home 'to the family' and the love of 'family meal time'.

  • Communications in 2019

    Communications in 2019

    Some would consider me an over thinker. I think about many things at many times, and I think that my degree has shaped a lot of how I think.

  • Tis’ the Season

    Tis’ the Season

    We may not have many White Christmases or winter wonderlands down here in Oz, but we’ve got plenty of traditions of our own that more than make up for it.

  • A tribute to John Smith

    A tribute to John Smith

    Earlier this year contemporary Christianity lost one of its most interesting and extraordinary leaders. Reverend Dr John Smith, founder of God's Squad Motorcycle Club, passed away into eternity after a life of many years of powerful and faithful service in ministry.

  • ‘New Year, New Me’

    ‘New Year, New Me’

    The popular New Year catch phrase that we hear when people are coming into the New Year. Coming to Christmas and New Year, we find ourselves reflecting on the year that has been and looking towards the year that is to come.

  • Airport security

    Airport security

    How many times are we told that airport security is no laughing matter, and yet constantly we learn of accounts where, very stupidly, someone jokes about a bomb in their possession. Recently, unbelievably, it happened again.

  • Goodbye Class of 2019

    Goodbye Class of 2019

    I realise many of my ex-students may remember some of these phrases from the past, but this year’s group particularly have been special to me. I have taught many of them since grade 7; the majority I have been with every year since grade 9- an absolute honour and privilege.

  • What if God was ‘A Bowl of Ice Cream?’

    What if God was ‘A Bowl of Ice Cream?’

    Of all the presents I received for my eighth birthday—coloring books, fancy stationery, and toys— the children’s Bible was the best gift. I recall racing through Genesis to Jude, but staying away from Revelation because I did not like thinking about the End Times.

  • Captain Mitsuo Fuchida  -  Pearl Harbour and the Christian Connection

    Captain Mitsuo Fuchida  -  Pearl Harbour and the Christian Connection

     Mitsuo Fuchida was more excited than usual as he awoke that morning. As general commander of the air squadron, he made some last-minute checks on intelligence information before going to warm up his plane.

  • Tips for being a better manager

    Tips for being a better manager

    Everyone likes to be their own boss…and it seems to have its perks! You get to set your own hours, tell people what to do, make your own decisions and the list goes on!