How to cultivate a healthy marriage

How to cultivate a healthy marriage

I like the word cultivate. We don’t build a great marriage, we cultivate one.

  • Butterfly life-cycle compared to a Christian

    Butterfly life-cycle compared to a Christian

    Butterflies are one of God's prettiest creatures that he created. Like tiny stained-glass windows fluttering around, they share a similar growth cycle to that of a Christian.

  • God’s goodness

    God’s goodness

    I have been challenged lately about my beliefs around God’s goodness, despite what my current circumstances are or how I am feeling.

  • God’s timing in a world of instant gratification

    God’s timing in a world of instant gratification

    What I’m about to say is nothing you haven’t heard before. People in this modern age want everything and they want it now.

  • Swastika saint

    Swastika saint

    I will call him Alfred, though he will know his name when he reads this. A man, broken but bent on being a blessing.

  • Being church means doing church

    Being church means doing church

    “I just love putting together the Sunday roster!” Said no church administrator EVER.

  • Scams to the charitable

    Scams to the charitable

    I was sitting at the dining room table, enjoying my oats and morning coffee when the phone rang.

  • Ice packs

    Ice packs

    Five years ago I wrote about getting my wisdom teeth extracted. Back then, despite sleep and a few pain killers – the best way I have found to reduce soreness is a good old ice pack.

  • Inspirational athletes: Priscilla Ruddle.

    Inspirational athletes: Priscilla Ruddle.

    Our elite athletes are role models. We celebrate their victories and are inspired by their determination. In this series, I want to share some of the most inspirational athletes I know.

  • Theological triage

    Theological triage

    Have you ever been to a hospital emergency room? It’s not the most fun place to spend your time, granted, but it’s always interesting.

  • An unexpected visitor

    An unexpected visitor

    Imagine God comes down to earth, knocks on your front door and asks to have a meal. What would you do?

  • Reformation, Formation, Deformation

    Reformation, Formation, Deformation

    With the 500-year anniversary commemorating Martin Luther nailing the 95 Theses to the door of the Wittenburg church fast approaching, the Reformation and the Christian faith has never faced a more challenging time.

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