Though it has ended, yet, it has just begun…

Though it has ended, yet, it has just begun…

Walking through the final days of last year, I felt somewhat grateful. I did not revel in the gladness of seeing a bad year come to an end (though there have been years like that). For me, it had been a satisfying year in accomplishing what I’d set out to complete from the previous year’s resolutions, and I felt quite happy with it. Perhaps I should now take a year off…think again!.

  • What is the best way to recognise our Volunteer Firefighters?

    You cannot put a price on what our volunteer firefighters deserve during this Summer’s bushfire crisis.

  • Discovering joy

    At high school I remember studying The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway. Written post-WWI, it reveals the fragmentation and devastation caused by the Great War. In particular, it reflects the ‘disillusionment’ felt by many during that time, a worldview known as modernity.

  • Double edged sword

    The Sydney Morning Herald's published an article titled "Leaders behaving badly", which listed well publicised international and Australian examples along with anecdotal illustrations. The list includes politicians and business leaders.

  • Your Marriage Can Turn Around

    Media and dating apps bombard you- Find the most compatible person for you. On the surface it makes sense. The more compatibility boxes you tick the more you have in common, and things should work out.

  • A New Shift

  • Really, He isn’t your Prime Minister

    Recently, on my Facebook feed, there have been a lot of #notmyPM, as people showed their displeasure towards the Australian government in the way they have handled the fires.  

  • The curious case of the ‘independent woman’

    After speaking to quite a few people about this topic and asking them what they think of when they hear the topic ‘independent woman’, a lot of them referred to a feminist culture or a utilisation of the phrase to justify their ‘singleness’.

  • What Cats Teach Us About God and Holiness

    There are many great things about cats. They’re uncannily adorable, their fur is delightfully soft, they’re hilarious comedians, I could go on!

  • Reflecting on resolutions

    How are your New Year’s resolutions going?

  • Australia on fire

    Having survived the 2003 fires in Canberra, I am absolutely gobsmacked at the number and scope of the fires in our wide brown land of Oz at the start of 2020!

  • Letting go

    The river flows. A woman wades through reeds as she holds what is most dear to her close to her heart. She lays her baby in a papyrus basket. And lets go. He’s swept by the running waters into God’s plans and purposes, which are bigger than her own.