Human rights violations in Vietnam, Uzbekistan and Pakistan

Human rights violations in Vietnam, Uzbekistan and Pakistan

Christians in each of these countries are experiencing persecution in different ways..

  • Redeeming culture

    If you’ve ever tried to build a sandcastle in the middle of a hurricane then you’re pretty weird but you would also know exactly what it feels like to be disheartened by modern culture. Often the incremental steps taken by Christians to change culture and politics can be completely overhauled by secularity and contemporary values; it seems that every step forward we take ends up being five steps backwards.

  • Grace before critique

    It’s interesting to see how views and approaches to morality have evolved through the ages.

  • What a life can teach you

    My grandfather Colin was a great man—he was talented, faithful, and funny. When he lost his battle with cancer in August, my family and I felt his loss in a huge way. Although I was sad about his death, I also felt a peace with God as I knew where he was going.

  • Memento mori

    This week I have been thinking a lot about immortality.

  • Is heaven on your mind?

    All the main world religions talk about heaven or a heavenly status in some way. Christ taught that it is a place where suffering ceases. There is eternal bliss as we live with our creator. He also shared there is a place of eternal damnation assigned to those who do not turn to him. The question is are you qualified to go to heaven? Has that been on your mind?

  • Back sliding

    I think that most Christians can, in one way or another, relate to having their journey of faith compared to a roller coaster ride. There are many ups and downs and twists and turns when living life as a follower of Christ.

  • The good medicine of a cheerful heart

    The book of Proverbs in the Bible is full of solid, common sense advice. It teaches us about cause and effect and actions and consequences; it is a very practical and useful book.

  • Boys will be boys ……hmm maybe!

    The statement ‘Boys Will be Boys’ implies that some slack needs to be cut when judging male risk-taking behaviour. You know, the playful, no-harm-done stuff, like racing motor bikes, playing footy, climbing trees, jumping off ropes into rivers, falling off skateboards and the many other acts of bravado that blokes like to do, which sometimes lands them in the hospital emergency ward on Saturday arvo.

  • Redefining Greatness

    From an early age, the need to be “great” was often drilled into me from the get-go. I was often told that I had to be greater than the generation before me, I had to be great at academics at school, and eventually, to be great at my profession, whatever that was.

  • Sin isn’t so bad?

    One of the greatest revelations for me was the moment I realised what I was saved from when I became a Christian, but it wasn’t until much later in my walk when I realised the impact of sin on creation and my own life.

  • Comparison: The corruption of good character

    Role models are so important in our lives. My parents and my grandparents are some of those role models who I aspire to model my life off every day.