Stop lying about Jesus

Stop lying about Jesus

Seriously, stop lying about Jesus!! It is so disheartening to see the lies that we are spreading about Jesus and Christianity all because we don’t know our Bibles.

  • Time for 'If my people!'

    Time for 'If my people!'

    Two street preachers were arrested and convicted for preaching the Bible in public, ‘offensively.’

  • Gay Gestapo, Neo-Fascism Erupts over a bottle of Cooper’s Beer.

    Gay Gestapo, Neo-Fascism Erupts over a bottle of Cooper’s Beer.

    For a student of modern history, or anyone familiar with the rise of the Nazis during early C20th, it’s difficult not to see parallels between the tactics used by the Nazis to gain power in Germany and those of the LGBT movement.

  • Overcoming anxiety: Trusting God

    Overcoming anxiety: Trusting God

    Anxiety is defined as a feeling of worry or nervousness about something with an uncertain outcome.

  • Atheists who love hymns

    Atheists who love hymns

    A friend emailed about an atheist she knew who came to church. He came with his wife in order to listen to the hymns.

  • Halal, massive capital

    Halal, massive capital

    2.3 trillion USD! Not a bad sum? The Malaysian Ministry of Trade and Industry estimated that was the value of the international Halal market in March 2015.

  • Sometimes the earth moves

    Sometimes the earth moves

    Kiwi folk singer Jess Chambers captures the mixed blessing of life in New Zealand in her song ‘Island’.

  • Pizza and Choir

    Pizza and Choir

    It was drawing towards the end of the six week Christmas holidays. My children were aged three, four, ten and eleven at the time, and the house had echoed with childish noises for many days.

  • Kindness


    There used to be a bumper sticker that said something along the lines of ‘Practise random acts of kindness’.

  • Person of faith: Margaret Court

    Person of faith: Margaret Court

    In the tennis world Margaret Court was described as ‘dominating.’ She had great athleticism combined with a fierce fitness regime.

  • Millennials! More friendship, less church.

    Millennials! More friendship, less church.

    Millennials! Believe me they are different.

  • Why bushwalk?

    Why bushwalk?

    I blame my husband for my love of bushwalking. When we were first married we went on a bushwalk with a group in the Snowy Mountains, in the first weekend of January (ie hot summer).

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