Talking stones? As if!

Talking stones? As if!

Mention the word ‘stone’ and what springs to mind? Something solid, hard, inert, permanent, cold, immovable?

  • The case for the empty tomb

    The case for the empty tomb

    The Sydney Morning Herald recently recorded the death of an extraordinary man. He was Sir Lionel Luckhoo.

  • Give your life some perspective

    Give your life some perspective

    This is a photo of my 17-year-old son lying in hospital. He had been mildly concussed in a football (soccer) game one Tuesday night.

  • Neglect


    Sometimes the Holy Spirit unexpectedly raises an issue with the people of God by using the criticisms of secular culture.

  • Domestic violence, ungodly!

    Domestic violence, ungodly!

    Last July Australian icon Johnny Farnham made a surprise appearance at a Brisbane concert. The event was raising awareness of domestic violence in Australia.

  • It’s lambing time

    It’s lambing time

    Lambing time at the Skinner ranch means some sleep deprivation and an occasional sad ending. I’ve been around sheep my whole life and sometimes I feel I know more about them than I do about myself.

  • All the lonely people

    All the lonely people

    The other night I had dinner with a group of friends after church.

  • Whom Can You Believe?

    Whom Can You Believe?

    There is a saying in journalism, especially in trash journalism, “Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.” 

  • Designer babies.

    Designer babies.

    Last year US scientists successfully edited viable human embryos. In a report for The Verge, Alessandra Potenza observed: “Gaining the ability to edit human DNA is the first step toward one day allowing scientists to prevent babies from being born with incurable diseases or disabilities.

  • God isn’t dead, yet

    God isn’t dead, yet

    For most people, it probably isn’t that hard to think of things that are more interesting than looking at the statistics from Australia’s yearly census.

  • There are many Dave’s in the world.

    There are many Dave’s in the world.

    Dave is an engaging Welshman I have known for over 40 years.

  • Our target market is …

    Our target market is …

    Having been involved in the world of business prior to entering fulltime pastoral ministry, I’ve been involved in strategic planning processes in multiple diverse organisations.

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