Top things about New Zealand

Top things about New Zealand

It was interesting to read an article in Stuff NZ in April the Best 10 Things about New Zealand by an American tourist..

  • Kobe Bryant death: Christian leaders pay tribute to NBA star, daughter Gianna, and crash victims

    NBA legend, Kobe Bryant, died on Sunday after a helicopter he was travelling in crashed and burst into flames in Calabasas, California. His 13-year-old daughter Gianna, who was also known as "Gigi," was also on board and died along with seven others.

  • The John Lemmon Story

    I have reached an age where I can look back over my life and recognise the hand of God guiding, nudging, directing and leading me to where I am today. Throughout my life I see one thing is apparent: God had a plan.

  • The Rebecca Moore story

    I was born in a small country town in Queensland called Murgon, to my lovely parents, Salvation Army Pastors (now retired) Majors Alan and Jenny Peterson. My childhood years were fun and spent largely around the church, piano lessons, books, school, having wonderful adventures with my siblings and moving houses.

  • The Susan Barnes Story

    When I was thirteen-years-old, I decided to start attending church. In retrospect this was a rather bizarre decision given that I didn’t know any Christians. I had been sent to Sunday School rather irregularly as a child and so I had a vague idea of how church worked.

  • Liverpool Extend Lead!

    Liverpool were less than impressive, however still managed to cruise past a gallant Watford, winning 2-0 to kick off round 17 with Saturday’s early kick off at Anfield.

  • The Peter Nelson Story

    I was born in Launceston in 1943 and had the privilege of being brought up in a wonderful home and extended family and church. Through my church I came to know the Lord Jesus Christ and sought to follow Him ever since.

  • The Brian Carrell Story

    Bishop Brian Carrell released his book, a meme on Anglican Prayers nine years ago. Moreover Brian 86 is one of the New Zealand Panellists for the young writer program.

  • The Liz Hay Story

    As an infant, I loved words and had my own names for things. I lived in books as a child, while growing up on the West Coast of NZ’s South Island, and my nick-name at school for a time was ‘the walking dictionary’ – a moniker which puzzled me then. My parents were not well off, I was the eldest of four, and the commercial subjects they wanted me to take at secondary school were ones that would enable me to get a job.

  • Liverpool Extend Lead!

    Super Sunday witnessed the highly anticipated Liverpool V Man City showdown at Anfield that some believe defined the season.

  • Changing of the guard in Sport

    In all sports, illustrated graphically in Rugby at this present time, there is a changing of the guard.

  • Standing on Firm Foundations

    Regular readers will know that Kevin Pietersen is one of my favourite cricketers and I believe that once we have enough distance to make a sound judgment he will be considered one of the greats—a term too often applied to very good players going through a purple patch, Matthew Hayden being a good example.