In the name of Jesus, why?

In the name of Jesus, why?

Keith and Debbie Jaggers were missionaries in We, northern Ghana, Africa. The 30,000 population was predominantly Moslem.  The hatred aimed at the Christians was intimidating and eventually resulted in a noisy, violent home invasion. 

  • Bullies in the playground

    Bullies in the playground

    I hate being bullied. I hate the shock of hearing it – it always comes as something unexpected. You are never prepared for the vitriol or the lies expressed.

  • Unruly


    With language like “loathing”, “victory”, “the fight”, “war”, “campaign” etc. peppering my Inbox, usually about same-sex marriage, but sometimes about euthanasia, climate change and refugee rights, it’s clear much of the Church is gripped by fearful anger.

  • Fair Dinkum Rubbish

    Fair Dinkum Rubbish

    In this wondrous age of technology, the news cycle is an unforgiving beast. The ease of communication and a population conditioned by ad breaks to have a short attention span means stories are old news within hours, let alone days or weeks.

  • Australia: Republic or Commonwealth.

    Australia: Republic or Commonwealth.

    Could the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games be the last for Australia?  The talk of Australia becoming a Republic is gathering pace. Both major political leaders favor the change.

  • Born out of wedlock

    Born out of wedlock

    A baby born outside marriage hardly rates a mention in today’s society. It matters little should the parents barely even know each other, if they are in a de-facto relationship or even same sex but such was not the case up until only a few years ago.

  • Hear the heart of your son

    Hear the heart of your son

    I had just been on the school’s New Zealand ski trip with 36, grade 11 and 12 students. The kids were amazing and the staff I went with were magnificent. I was tired, weary and worn out by the end though.

  • Deal with fear. Feast instead!

    Deal with fear. Feast instead!

    Enthusiasm, excitement, anticipation all will be on the rise in Israel today. This is the season of joyful feasts, a time of year where the faithfulness and triumph of the Lord is measured against worldly threats.

  • God’s sacred gift of life – NO to euthanasia

    God’s sacred gift of life – NO to euthanasia

    It’s hard to believe, but the issue of Euthanasia is before our Parliament again. One of the reasons I wrote my book, Apologetics Teaching and Preaching – for the Church and the Marketplace, was to equip Christian leaders and the church, like Euthanasia, in knowing how to respond to faith issues that pose ethical dilemmas in today’s society.

  • Does it really matter what we believe?

    Does it really matter what we believe?

    Why do so many Christians care about alleviating poverty and working for justice in the world? Put simply, what is their theology, and does it really matter?

  • Prayer: Ask the Father!

    Prayer: Ask the Father!

    Prayer is a fascinating topic. We discuss it, hear sermons on it, read testimonies about it but really, how often do we actually pray?

  • The world is flat

    The world is flat

    The world is flat! At least that’s what people believed until Christopher Columbus came along to prove it was a myth.

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