Civility on trial

Civility on trial

Did you know the political terms \'left wing\' and \'right wing\' originated in France? After the French Revolution, the 1789 French National Assembly met to prepare drafts for the new constitution.

  • That moment when…and other embarrassing moments

    That moment when…and other embarrassing moments

    My young social media friends often begin their posts with the phrase: That moment when... This is usually followed by something awkward that has happened to them or something obvious has dawned on them.

  • Hey God, can I get a like?

    Hey God, can I get a like?

    I'm what you'd call a reluctant Facebook adoptee. I initially only took the plunge because I needed to use Facebook for work. Prior to that, I cynically saw it as a mindless space where people shared photos of what they'd had for breakfast and other mundane life moments.

  • Person of faith: Pedro Ferdinand De Quiros.

    Person of faith: Pedro Ferdinand De Quiros.

    Who would have thought controversy surrounds the 'Great Southland of the Holy Spirit'?

  • Blurred vision

    Blurred vision

    I can't stand dirty spectacles. My reading glasses in particular are very prone to getting blurry and smeary. They are constantly on and off my nose and readily collect fingerprints and general grime, not to mention scratches.

  • Be alert, on guard and aware

    Be alert, on guard and aware

    "The morning of December 7, 1941, found 353 Japanese airplanes swarming all around Pearl Harbour. Within a couple of hours, America lost 8 big battleships, 6 major airfields, almost all planes, and 2,400 men.

  • Should a Christian have tattoos?

    Should a Christian have tattoos?

    This vexing question has surfaced again in my small world so I thought I would try to address it thoughtfully instead of just reacting. If you're reading this to get a simple "yes" or "no" answer, don't bother because I haven't got one!

  • Christian parent's dilemma

    Christian parent's dilemma

    Some good friends have a homosexual adult son and others a homosexual adult daughter. They love their children but the Biblical values of Mum and Dad must pull them in the opposite direction to the lifestyles of their son and daughter.

  • Another world

    Another world

    500,000 monks, a pagoda on every high place and an ancient city (Bagan) surrounded by 2,400 shrines. Loudspeakers are delivering chants daily at 4.30 a.m. The Shwedagon Pagoda is 100m high and plated with gold, worth $4b or more, plus diamonds and other precious stones, in this the poorest country in S.E. Asia!

  • Help! My kid is in Grade 12

    Help! My kid is in Grade 12

    I am just about to start my 25th year of teaching. I find it hard to believe, but my eldest son is in Grade 12- his last year of schooling.

  • You can run but you can\'t hide

    You can run but you can't hide

    It's easy to run. Now, I'm not talking about going for a five-kilometre hike around the nearest lake. I've tried that and it's not easy. I only tried it once. No judgment please.

  • Prayer makes the difference

    Prayer makes the difference

    Smith Wigglesworth was one of the most fruitful and effective preachers ever. But, he was not always a godly, righteous man. He was a ruffian.

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