The Jo Fuller Story

The Jo Fuller Story

Jo Fuller writes:  At 35, I still feel like My Story is being written..

  • Tony Dunkerley - a tribute

    The late Tony Dunkerley was a celebrity of the young writer program.

  • The Errol Pike Story

    Errol Pike writes of  …  ‘A Most Fortunate Life’ Seventy-five years on and I continue to be blessed with a most fortunate life.

  • The Graham McDonald Story

    Graham McDonald writes - For 39 years the Lord let me set my own standards and do my own thing. Then He dramatically changed me from a self-seeking self-centered businessman of the world to a follower and servant of the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • New Zealand Christian Writers

    Debbie McDermott was born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, where she met and married her husband Sean in 1990 and subsequently migrated to New Zealand.

  • Liverpool 22 points clear in Winter break!

    England’s inaugural Winter break has taken place with many Premier League clubs giving their players some much needed rest.

  • The Sheelagh Wegman Story

    Sheelagh Wegman writes  -  My story will probably seem a bit strange to some people. I sometimes feel wistful, when I read the stories of other Christian folk who were brought up in loving and stable Christian families with siblings and cousins and a close community. They seemed to have been very blessed.

  • The Cheryl McGrath Story

  • The Esther Koh Story

    During a choir practice, the person-in-charge was taking attendance and called out ‘Esther’. Four heads turned and one asked, “which Esther?”.

  • Top things about New Zealand

    It was interesting to read an article in Stuff NZ in April the Best 10 Things about New Zealand by an American tourist.

  • Kobe Bryant death: Christian leaders pay tribute to NBA star, daughter Gianna, and crash victims

    NBA legend, Kobe Bryant, died on Sunday after a helicopter he was travelling in crashed and burst into flames in Calabasas, California. His 13-year-old daughter Gianna, who was also known as "Gigi," was also on board and died along with seven others.

  • The John Lemmon Story

    I have reached an age where I can look back over my life and recognise the hand of God guiding, nudging, directing and leading me to where I am today. Throughout my life I see one thing is apparent: God had a plan.