Footplate Padre' – the story of the debaters

Footplate Padre' – the story of the debaters

The Footplate Padre has written sixteen books on railways, more specifically, train driver's anecdotes, and these books served a niche market in the 1980's and 1990's, ranging from titles such as "Driving Trains the Australian Way", "Old Stories Steamy," "Railway Chronicles" and "Train Driver's Stories" to list four.

  • Elevate Christian Disability Trust

    Elevate Christian Disability Trust

    Who would have thought that a “failed” visit to miracle meetings in California would eventually be a catalyst for a New Zealand disability ministry that would encourage people in over forty nations? 

  • A fresh honest look at Islamism

    A fresh honest look at Islamism

    There has been a spate of national articles recently on a fresh determination to haul in these Islamic terrorists and their non-belligerents with the left and elites being a whole lot quieter.

  • Sport writers continued adventure

    Sport writers continued adventure

    The Press Service International sport young writers program with Christian Today Australia and Christian Today New Zealand has seen strong and bold articles to date and the second half of the year seems just as fulfilling.

  • Playing politics

    Playing politics

    Engaging in some research from a previous article of mine, I found this piece from some years ago how playing politics 'can be identified'.

  • New Zealanders and the Bible

    New Zealanders and the Bible

    Bible Society New Zealand (BSNZ) says the Bible is 'Good for Life' and wants to encourage everyone to read it in this year’s Bible Month starting 1 July in churches throughout New Zealand.

  • Ramon Williams – Influential Australian Christian

    Ramon Williams – Influential Australian Christian

    A tribute to Influential Australian Christians posted: "Ramon Williams (1931 - ) Christian publisher - The Australasian Religious Press Association takes great pleasure in honouring Ramon Williams with a “Special Citation for exceptionally meritorious service to the Christian community, and specifically to Chris".

  • Oh, Superannuation changes again!!

    Oh, Superannuation changes again!!

    Five years ago I wrote about superannuation rules have a "proclivity to change" as it is highly politicised as it amounts to a "bewildering amount of money" so say a multitude of financial analysts and once again, its borne out in a recent claim. 

  • Big turn out by South Australians

    Big turn out by South Australians

    The 2017 annual young writers conference is on Saturday 12 August on the Sunshine Coast and much preparation has been unrelenting to ensure the program runs smoothly.

  • Quotes that influenced nations

    Quotes that influenced nations featured some time ago an article on the '25 best Movie Entertainment Oscar quotes' of all time. That had me pondering on the most poignant Christian quotes. I wrote a similar piece way back in 2012 and thought I might update it.

  • Praying ladies the highlight

    Praying ladies the highlight

    Forty years ago when my wife Delma and I established our Christian ministry the first thing we arranged were five ladies willing to hold up our family and ministry in prayer on a daily basis.

  • Young writer editor lunch

    Young writer editor lunch

    Lunch on 3 June at the One Day in Melbourne conference for 'mission media' saw the 'editors of the young writer program' with Christian Today discuss aspects of their ministries.

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