To Papua New Guinea with love

To Papua New Guinea with love

It was meant to be straight forward. I had never been to PNG before nor had I led a team on a mission trip, but everything was well thought out and had been planned months in advance..

  • Advance International young writers

    The Press Service International “international” young writers are again advancing as 2020 is well under way.

  • Sport writers in fine form

    Already the five Press Service International sport writers have completed one full Cycle and are in the midst of the second. Phil Hall one of the sport writers has become the sport writer editor.  

  • Sport writer for Christian Today New Zealand

    Christian Today New Zealand invites Kiwi young people to put up their hand as their sport writer.

  • The Bay of Fires Walk For Spiritual Seekers  - Easter

    Wondering how you might spend Easter this year?

  • 2015 ARPA Gold – Kiwi young writer

    These past two weeks the young writer ministry ‘Press Service International’ (PSI) has been celebrating three accolades from the 2019 Australasian Religious Press Association conference in Christchurch.

  • Two months to Brain’s Trust

    Each year the young writer Brain’s Trust meets to plan for the young writer annual conference  -  this year on Saturday 2 May on the Gold Coast  -  to plan the 2020 annual young writer conference.

  • Understanding the Mission Field - Arba Minch

    Arba Minch, which literally means 40 springs, was founded in the early 1960s on the edge of Abaya lake, south of the capital Addis Ababa and toward the borders of Uganda and Kenya.

  • Inviting Kiwi young people to be published

    2020 is the ninth year of the Kiwi young writer program with Christian Today New Zealand.

  • Leadership - young writers

    The Press Service International (PSI) “young writer” program with Christian Today has seen some major leadership developments for this New Year and it is a joy to my heart to see such.

  • Viewing maintenance - Laguna Quays Respite

    The Whitsundays Laguna Quays Respite coordinated by Well-Being Australia for missions enjoyed many mission visitors this year -  Saturday 29 February – 15 March  is our first 2020 visit and we’re keen to view the wonderful maintenance undertaken.

  • The final count...

    Press Service International's young writer program has a set of Panellists who mark the articles to determine for the annual young writer conferences for the Best of the Best young writers. The final count.