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Personal space

I love watching people. I've found public transport locations to be the providers of the entertainment with lots of people coming and going.
  • When God is silent

    Philip Yancy recounts in his book 'Disappointment with God' the story of a young man called Richard.
  • Good things or God things?

    We often make 'good things' into 'God things'. The very things that our Creator has given us to enjoy are the things that we put in his rightful place.
  • Nylon muscles: as seen on a "Catalyst" TV program

    I was intrigued by a recent ABC "Catalyst" program that showed Professor Geoffrey Spinks from the University of Wollongong making artificial muscle fibres using nothing but normal nylon fishing line, an electric drill and a heat gun.
  • A sniff, a glimpse, an echo, a touch

    When a warm easterly breeze glides through my hometown of Cambridge, a regular surprise welcomes me around midday. As I walk out the front door, heading to my car (usually to make my pilgrimage to Subway), I am caught unaware by this alluring sensory delight.
  • Fight for now

    In 65 days I am packing up 20kg worth of my life, hopping on an air-conditioned plane and moving to London. Just like that.
  • I'm 26 and I can't stop thinking about dying.

    I have no real reason for this preoccupation other than a few early grey hairs and a growing tendency to drive my car into stationary objects. Other than that, I would probably have to assume that I'm in my prime and still perfectly fit and available for All Black selection.
  • K.I.S.S

    Everyone loves a good kiss right? And what about a good acronym? Combine them and you have the K.I.S.S. The KISS principle has been around for a while now and you may have heard it stand for various phrases such as 'Keep It Simple, Stupid', 'Keep It Short & Sweet' and 'Keep It Simple & Straightforward'.
  • Lessons from the grave

    The reality of death is something that we all know too well. It has no favourites; it does not respect age or care how close we are or were to the departed.
  • I touched paradise in Fiji

    As we descended into Nadi airport I glanced out the window and saw tiny green islands with perfect borders of sand nestled amongst beautiful bluey-green water.
  • The silent truth of selfies

    For those of us who live in the world of facebook / twitter / instagram, the thing that dominates throughout social media is a thing called selfies. Selfies are a fast self-portrait of yourself, taken with a smartphone's camera and immediately distributed and inscribed into a network.
  • How Tumblr ate my life

    I have a friend that's recently been getting into role playing on Tumblr. It bothers me, because I've been there before and I admit it's a hard trap to get out of. For those that don't know yet, Tumblr is the place online to be if you just happen to be fandom crazy.
  • The double vision of time

    Right now you're in a unique but not uncommon moment in your life. You're at some point in your day, casting your eyes over words and wondering if they're worth you persevering. Only you will know with any detail what is around you, what sort of screen you're looking at, what you're wearing, what you've eaten today.