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What Is Stopping You From Helping?

Last year I was in Greece (I shared a little of this on my blog), working with a man called Pastor Phillip. Pastor Phillip is a small Korean man with a very big heart. He can speak Korean, Greek, English and a little bit of Persian. He has a thousand visions and even more friends. He is also the mastermind behind the Samaria operation.
  • Herald the Truth or be Silenced

    After the recent terrorist attacks on the Charlie Hebdo magazine headquarters, I recall a Muslim lady interviewed on the street say on TV news: "I am using my free speech to condemn the publishing of the offensive cartoons."
  • Why the Church should care more about the Treaty of Waitangi

    The Treaty of Waitangi is a polarising topic in New Zealand. Some believe it has little relevance today. Others see it as a vital document which continues to inform our nation's ongoing story. Some view the Treaty as an outdated agreement that facilitates greed, while others are confused by why we would commemorate it each year.
  • The perfect recipe

    I am not particularly known for my culinary skills. I have some meals I can knock out consistently, but even my staples have had some notable flops. Like the time I thought the mixture was too dry so I poured in a little extra tomato sauce.
  • Balmy Nights & Juice

    You rush from one place to the next. The microwave beeps. You take out your food, get it down and run off to the next item on your To-Do-List.
  • Naming Rights

    In a couple of short months, I will have made one of the biggest decisions of my life.
  • Why words alone don't cut it

    Words define us, they can make us feel great and without them, we'd be a bunch of thoughtless grunters. The scratches of ink on a page can create meaning, reveal new worlds and light fires in our minds.
  • Riverbeds & raindrops

    I read Joy Cowley's memoirs recently, Joy Cowley is a very well known and loved New Zealand author with an absolutely firm and warm handle on the written word and storytelling.
  • Normal people

    We're always shocked when bad things happen to normal people. The terror attack in Sydney was an example of bad things happening to such normal people.
  • New Year, New You.

    Fun fact: We are currently past the halfway mark of Jan 2015. Yikes. Seems like just yesterday we were making New Year's resolutions and plans for Christmas.
  • The story of today: never too young

    For the past four months I have been part of a small church plant in the United States of America, and every week I had have the privilege of hearing testimony after testimony of the amazing work God is doing through this small local church.
  • Where do you stand?

    Like churches worldwide, my church celebrated Christmas this past December. As a congregation, we read the Book of Luke, Chapter 2, which recounted Jesus' birth in Bethlehem.
  • We will say 'no' to terrorism

    I heard the word "terrorism" for the first time on the 11th of September 2001 (now referred to as 9/11). I was still in middle school doing Year 8 in China.