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A note to our Muslim friends

A Muslim was asked, have you read the Bible? He replied, "Yes, I have read it." He was asked what do you think about it? He replied "I do not believe in it" when He was asked why? He replied " Because it is corrupted and changed by the hands of people."
  • Walk straight

    Have you ever injured a limb? Aside from the pain, going through everyday life and moving around can be very hard when you have sustained an injury.
  • Be kind to those who deserve it

    Be kind to those who deserve it. A statement made by a self confessed Satanist that was interviewed a couple of months ago on channel Ten's current affair program "The Project".
  • Porn kills!

    Lately I have been saddened to hear stories from Christians in various walks of life that have had to deal with the heartbreaking ramifications of porn in their marriage or in their singleness.
  • Chelsea extend lead!!!

    Chelsea travelled to Old Trafford on Sunday as they looked to extend their lead at the summit of the Premier League and maintain a healthy lead against their northern rivals.
  • A new foreign policy.

    Christians need a new foreign policy. Of course, it seems strange to talk about Christians having a 'foreign policy'. We're not a country, and if you're a protestant, it's hard to even talk about a unified church.
  • Being tricked by your own reflection

    Sitting in a busy café in the middle of Brisbane city, is where I found myself writing this article. I find my main reason for this is because I love adventures and discovering new places, especially when they involve coffee.
  • Worth more than pixels

    I love stories. I think they are my favourite toy in our toy box. I love hearing people's stories, I love telling mine, I love lies masquerading as stories, I love it when people lie to me and I am none the wiser, but so much wiser for it.
  • Movement

    Recently there has been a lot of movement. In the last six weeks I have been in the USA, Mexico, Australia and I am currently writing this in Cambodia.
  • You've been lying (again)

    Yes. You've been lying. Deep down inside, lurking away in the depths of your being is the knowledge that you haven't been telling the truth. Yuck, isn't it?
  • Personal space

    I love watching people. I've found public transport locations to be the providers of the entertainment with lots of people coming and going.
  • When God is silent

    Philip Yancy recounts in his book 'Disappointment with God' the story of a young man called Richard.
  • Good things or God things?

    We often make 'good things' into 'God things'. The very things that our Creator has given us to enjoy are the things that we put in his rightful place.