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  • When Wi-Fi takes over

    My reliance on the internet has never been as obvious as it has been since I have been travelling (USA, Canada, Norway, Scotland, England).
  • This is not enough

    It's Friday night at 6.01pm. I've clocked out 43 hours in a 4 day work week. I'm leaving for dinner, celebrating a friend's birthday.
  • Defining human rights that can be justified: part 1

    Recently while listening to a popular radio station, I heard a statement from a protester being interviewed to the effect "I have the right to bear arms and it would be unthinkable to refuse me that right, so why am I being refused the right to abort a child".
  • Heading home

    My grandfather died a month ago. I'm still coming to terms with what that means. He died. For some reason I can say that he died, but I don't feel comfortable saying "he's dead".
  • Let's talk about sex!

    I want to talk about sex. This is very different to the usual topics I write about, but after asking both my Christian and non-Christian friends what they would like me to write about, one of the biggest responses was around sex.
  • A tale of two captaincies

    News of Michael Clarke's latest injury has set the cats amongst the captaincy pigeons, and could not have come at a worst possible time. Australia's batting has a callow look about it, and the poise and maturity of Clarke would have provided some much needed ballast.
  • Honesty & orthodoxy in prayer

    I've been wrestling with something big time over the last weeks and months. Does God care about us being real with him, or is it more important to be right in what we say to him?
  • Beating hearts and broken hearts

    Have you ever seen a heartbeat? It is a brutal and severe sight, one that pounds and swirls about, enticing every organ to sway and quiver in an unceasing orchestra of existence.
  • War, oppression and the crisis of language

    For thousands of years philosophers have tried to understand language. As early as the 5th century BCE Socrates attempted to analysis the meaning of language; what is being said and how.
  • Sin – what we make it?

    You could be the first person in 2000 years to discover the 'real' truth on this topic, or you could just be plain wrong: redefining sin to suit our ears.
  • God panorama

    Far beyond the cliffs the moon glistens a glowing yellow, rippled and jagged this way and that way by the careful caress of the dusk breeze across the water's surface.