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Turning on the lights

Like most kids growing up, at times I remember being pretty scared of the dark. It's a fear which everyone can relate to—that feeling of helplessness where you know you're unable to fully comprehend and interact with your surroundings.
  • Sharing the gospel with others

    As a student I joined a group called Christian Union at the University of Canterbury. There I was sharpened in many skills, including evangelism.
  • Christians against Vegans

    One of my best friends, let's call her Sarah, has recently turned vegan. She's been vegetarian since she was seven, but about six months ago she began transitioning to a vegan diet.
  • When God says "No"

    My dad very rarely says "no" to my requests, but when he does it's because he has a reason behind his "nos."
  • Thoughts from inside prison

    His name is Zeus. Well, not literally Zeus, but it's close enough to the truth. He is a real person, but even without privacy laws I wouldn't want to tell you his real name.
  • The greatest fiction ever written

    When I was younger I demolished books. I devoured them like a thirsty, starving child hungry for nourishment and life. At one stage in my early teens I read an average of one book every two or three days. They weren't children's stories either, but they were usually bricks with 400–800 pages.
  • My little gambling problem

    I remember the time I realised I have a gambling problem. You may be shocked to hear I have a gambling problem, but the truth is I do... or at least I did.
  • Hoard or reward?

    My husband and I are new homeowners—overwhelmed possums in the mortgage headlights. Buying a house is a daunting foray into weekends of weeding, wallpaper-stripping and on-a-whim kitten adoption. And it is so good.
  • Not so super Rugby?

    Super Rugby underwent the most significant revamp in its history this year, expanding from 15 to 18 teams.
  • Neighbourhood Beatitudes

    I live in a neighbourhood, and this neighbourhood is arguably (not much argument though) the coolest little neighbourhood in Auckland, most likely New Zealand, and if so most definitely the world!
  • My Uber driver last week

    I got an Uber home after a farewell party last week. My driver pulled up to the curb in a shiny white car and it began. Our conversation.
  • Who cares about offenders?

    I have always loved New Zealand because of its friendly and welcoming society. As such, it was really disappointing to hear in recent news statistics of the most violent hotspots in New Zealand.
  • What are you emotionally invested in?

    The heart is a sensitive thing. It gets pulled and pushed in so many ways and often ends up far too focussed on something not worth the attention or not focussed enough on the right things.
  • Fascism

    All that is transpiring in the socio-cultural arena lately is perfectly normal for a pagan society. The fence-posts of Judeo-Christian morality have been pushed back to the point where the once Protestant European nations can no longer identify as Christian.
  • What The Hulk taught me about repentance

    I love comic books. I still remember reading new comics on the school bus. I still have my entire collection at home, my all-time favourites being Wolverine, Iron-Man and The Hulk.