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Let it Go!

Anyone who has a small child or knows a small child or indeed anyone who has turned on the radio this year has probably heard of this song from Disney's animated movie, Frozen.
  • Do you believe God?

    Three times in the New Testament we are told that "Abraham believed God" (see: Galatians 3 verse 6; Romans 4 verse 3 and James 2 verse 23). The phrase "Abraham believed God" is taken from a passage in the Old Testament which is found at Genesis 15 verse 6.
  • How to prepare for Jesus' return

    We are in the last days. So how do we prepare for Jesus return? Is it by saying a special prayer? Developing a new program? Being empowered by a new way of spiritual thinking?
  • Together in a tent

    I have often reflected on what it would have been like to have been alive in past centuries. In particular, I have wondered what it would have been like to have been living through the time of Exodus or even the Book of Acts.
  • Jesus and the sword part II

    My last article generated some awesome feedback, affirmations and challenges. I definitely want to address these challenges, and I promise that I will do in my third and final article.
  • Good Christian Bs and the 'inner circle'

    Last month I had the privilege of attending the She Is... conference put on by the Baptist Women's Ministries. This, of course has very little to do with what I'm going to say here. All the ladies at the conference were quite lovely.
  • The glory of temptation

    In all of us, believer or non-believer, there is temptation to sin and do what pleases us. It is paramount to being human, our emotions and judgement sometimes lead us to do what we think is best or what feels good, regardless of the consequences that may follow.
  • Failing at being a Christian!

    As a postgrad student, I am constantly reading. That is my life now! I read about neoliberalism, and then new-managerialism, before moving onto the very stimulating topic of participatory practices before delving into theoretical approaches on sustainability practices.
  • Does New Zealand's justice system go far enough?

    A makeshift cell is the last place you would expect to find one of New Zealand's spiritual leaders. Last year the Anglican Bishop of Wellington, Justin Duckworth, spent the best part of a week living in a small, fenced-in chamber outside the local Cathedral to pray for criminals and their victims.
  • A dad's perspective on… music!

    I have never agreed with the Wiggles. I made a pact with myself at the age of 15 while sitting in a van surrounded with wiggling toddlers and children.
  • You can't be happy without Jesus, right?

    Christians love to approach evangelism from the angle of the "God-shaped whole", namely that each of us has a God-shaped whole in our hearts that nothing else will fill. And until we find our personal relationship with Jesus, we will walk around feeling the gaping emptiness of this whole.