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Catch my fall

From where I sit, I can see the sky. As I look, there are two beautiful eagles circling way above every other bird. Strong, powerful creatures that fly as much with confidence as with elegance, and seem to own the air that they live in.
  • A tribute to dads

    My birthday and Father's Day fall on the same day this year. I will not let my wife and sons get out of the 'two lots of presents' expected directive.
  • Uniquely you

    On one of my days back at work after maternity leave I got a fresh revelation at the beauty of our uniqueness.
  • The evolution of #squad

    There is a different definition of the word 'squad' in town—bringing a complicated history and a fresh set of cultural expectations.
  • Music is heart and soul

    In 2011 in one of my articles I wrote 'I love music. I listen to it, I compose it, I study it, I use it to wind-down, to stir myself up, to think and to worship; generally I'm either making music or listening to it'.
  • Is Michael Jackson still alive?

    One of my favourite videos of all time is a conversation with a little boy in Malaysia professing his love for a girl at his school.
  • Supermorality

    Every writer dreams of creating a character that will capture their reader's imagination, and endure.
  • Best trail runs

    Where are Australia's best trail runs? Whether you are out for a short hike, a recreational jog or hard training run, here are some of my favourite places.
  • Wayward

    Our countrymen have lost their way, their true north, and their moral sanity.
  • A Christian reflection on the dead

    Some time ago now I wrote how I had the pleasure of walking in the Royal National Park, south of Sydney recently, wherein, amongst the magnificent scenery I happened upon an antechinus.
  • Love is the context

    Have you ever met someone doing the most amazing things? Someone actively making the world a better place to live? Someone who far surpasses what is expected for a mere human, and does things that would make the pope smile?
  • The friend of the groom

    The crowds came to him. People lined the banks of the Jordan, swiping at the flies, shading their eyes from the glare of the sun and straining to hear every word that came from the man of God.
  • The things God does for us

    A lot of us can be put off from living a stronger Christian lifestyle because of the burdens associated with doing so.