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Churches just want your money

'They just want your money, don't they?' He asked, genuinely curious. I struggled to reply, explaining that, yes—the church functions with money donated, but they also use money for the good of the community.
  • Taking the good with the bad

    For the longest time I was sceptical of positive thinking. It sounds pretty grinch-like, doesn't it? To me, positive thinking was an airy fairy escapist thing involving inspirational quotes on photos of nature and not a lot of practical good.
  • Surrender your sovereignty

    If one nation prospers and another fails due to its corruption and policies—only the national borders delineate the two.
  • Don't give up—keep reaching for God

    Isn't it frustrating when you're crying out to God, desperate to feel something—anything—but you just feel the void of separation? Do not lose hope and don't give up. Instead, maybe accept it is beyond your control.
  • Forgetting God

    God was on the forefront of my mind when I was desperately hunting for a job. My favourite scripture was Psalm chapter 55, verse 7: 'evening, morning and noon I cry out in distress, and he hears my voice.'
  • Jesus—everyone's favourite entertainer

    Years ago I walked into a church, or, ah... what I thought was a church. I'm still not quite sure exactly what it was, although no doubt many Christians would've been a part of it.
  • God's plan for a broken Home

    'You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book' – Psalm 56, verse 8.
  • My year without porn

    Pornography—it's a hidden, dirty and shameful thing most of the time, but ten to one you clicked this article for the name alone.
  • How hunger changes us

    When I was a kid; my sisters and I completed the World Vision 40 Hour Famine for the first time. There was no option to give up technology or any other substitute. There weren't all-nighters or tent cities, the kind of youth group gimmicks used to keep us interested these days.
  • SPORT: Idols and Inspiration

    For sports journalists, it's the gift that just keeps on giving. Somewhere in the world, as I type these words or as you read them, there is a sports person doing something incredibly stupid. It can range from a blond cricketer sending text messages he shouldn't be, or a footy player using something as a toilet that was never intended for that purpose.
  • Behringer XR18 Review Part 1

    This article is part one of my Behringer Air XR18 review. This section will focus on introducing the mixers control application and looking at the first few control tabs that make up the Channel Strip.
  • Reshaping New Year's resolutions

    January is such a good time to reflect back on the year and see what's changed, how far you've come and grown, and to set new resolutions for the year to come. Each year, I take the time to marvel at all God has achieved in and through me all in just 365 days.
  • My mum made me cry

    I was honking along on my bicycle, pumping the pedals as powerfully as my 11-year-old legs could muster. The winter's chill was thick in the air and school was finished for the day. The final task was winning my daily bike race with David, culminating at the Grey Street give-way sign. And I was losing.
  • Even when it hurts

    I'm going to be honest. One month ago these exact words came out of my mouth: 'Emily hat off, worship hat on.'