An endless ocean

How well do you know the ocean? Growing up I always loved the ocean but living on the wheat farms of inner WA I rarely had the opportunity to explore its depths. It seemed that every summer's day when we finally decided it was hot enough to merit the trek, by the time we actually arrived it was cold and windy.
  • What the... 'Unilateral Withdrawal Syndrome'

    I first came upon this phrase when Moshe Arens writing for Haaretz challenged the "unilateral withdrawal syndrome" relating it to some of Israel's military men thinking who had become politicians.
  • Band-Aids don't fix bullet holes

    Pop singer Taylor Swift said it well in her song lyrics, "Band-Aids don't fix bullet holes." I promise you, I'm not a Taylor Swift fan (so you breathe a sigh of relief and keep reading), but ever since I heard those lyrics, they've stuck in my head and have me thinking about the state of my heart.
  • Naked fools

    I don't care who you are! I know how to make you uncomfortable, and, it's by holding up a mobile phone, white camera light on, in your direction.
  • The loneliness of being left out

    I have my lunch at 12pm. I get a bit frustrated if I have to wait until 12.30pm and look out if I have to wait until 1pm. But usually, I have my lunch at 12pm and usually, there are a few people in the lunch room to share lunch with.
  • Before the end of the tunnel

    Caught up in problems? Keep making mistakes and not sure how to come out of it? Don't worry—there is a light before the end of the tunnel.
  • Managed decline?

    According to statistics and a recent pew sheet of my church; the Anglican Church has been in decline in the West for over 100 years. Numbers of Anglicans in Australia have also been in steady decline since 2001.
  • Making an impossible film

    It feels like just yesterday we were wrapping on principal photography for The Umbrella. So to announce its U.S. release on Flix Premiere is beyond exciting.
  • Are you out of touch?

    As a Kiwi I love rugby! It's our national game and I can't help but get excited watching the All Blacks play. However, my passion has limits. To be honest, I'm not up with who is on the team.
  • Having faith the size of a shopping bag

    "Fortitude Valley is a contradiction in itself – raw, yet sophisticated. It is where elegance and style meet grungy and offbeat, and heritage-listed properties proudly stand among contemporary buildings"
  • When being lost clouds your way

    I think many of us have been here. Picture this: you've been a Christian for quite some time now. Overall it's been a rewarding experience. You've known divine love. You've tasted of the Holy Spirit. You've seen things happen that you can only attribute to the intervention of the Almighty.
  • Why I won't let my kids watch Tangled

    I'm a super romantic guy. Not like in the flower-buying, sonnet spouting sort of way. More in the, "I have unrealistic expectations about everything" sort of way. It's the disease of the naive.
  • I'm sorry you shouldn't be a pastor

    Recently I read an article about a pastor in Canada who is a professing atheist yet she is the pastor of a uniting 'christian'Church. The article is about the fact that fighting the ordination board's decision to remove her from her position because of her beliefs (or rather lack of belief in God).
  • The Simple Truth

    I had a conversation with a Christian friend recently; and at the end of it, I realised why non-Christians sometimes don't like talking to Christians.
  • The emergence of science in western sport

    We used to sit on the couch and cringe every time a super athlete would emerge from Eastern Europe or Northern Asia. We shared in such distaste every time we watched an athlete step up to receive a medal we had labelled a cheater based on assumption.
  • Always amazed

    "Be impressed with God and aware of the enemy" is what the discipleship training school leader said to me as I sat at breakfast discussing my observation about how overt idolatry was here. There were gods and altars in every yard and at every gate.