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I am the jealous type.

I can hardly breathe when she's in the room. I'm overwhelmed with a sense of envy and admiration for this woman.
  • They didn't tell me about the burden

    They didn't tell me about the burden I would have when I sat in a bar in Spain, having purchased a ticket only four months prior, thinking I was going on a surfing holiday, thinking that I was going to get the world out of my system, to come back and get on the straight and narrow of fatherhood and a mortgage.
  • Efficiency in the Kingdom

    I'm reading David A. Livermore's book Serving With Eyes Wide Open, where he has written of himself "I'm obsessed with efficiency.
  • Friendship after having kids

    A long line of first years, our freshly-minted grey and white uniforms gleaming in the bright summer sunlight—it's the first day of high school and I'm new in town.
  • The parallels are impressive

    In horsemanship we use the word 'yield' to describe the process of a horse changing their heart and submitting to the leadership of their handler.
  • I found my life

    I was a late reader, but once I mastered it you couldn't wrest a book from my hand! I started reading two - or even three - books a day, and it wasn't long before I was ploughing through every book in the house.
  • Speakers of Truth

    We've all been there. Sitting in church on a Sunday listening to the sermon, and the preacher proceeds to tell a wonderful story.
  • Do millennials struggle with hard work?

    It seems like my millennial peers and I want two things: To follow our dreams, and for our dreams to earn us a living. We don't really want to work for someone else, we want creative license, and to live out our true calling.
  • Anatomy of a Rugby World Cup upset

    The story of the Rugby World Cup, to date, has without doubt been the monumental upset of South Africa by the Japanese in the first round of matches.
  • Conquering Everest

    Not long before the devastating earthquake hit the foothills of the Himalayas I spent a few months just outside of Kathmandu in awe of the dauntingly magnificent giant that is Everest.
  • Is Church Just a Social Event?

    If you made it to church last Sunday, I want to congratulate you. For some reason, making it to church can be one of the harder tasks to put a tick for regular church goers. Here are some basic issues.