Second chances after pain

My chest aches with stabbing pains. I can feel old wounds opening up in the spirit as I make plans to meet with someone who, in the past, maliciously harmed me.
  • In the face of persecution will you still stand for Christ?

    I recently read an article about China's ruling Communist Party launching a nationwide crackdown on Christianity. The government has introduced tougher laws that criminalise Christians who refuse to pledge their loyalty to the state.
  • The entire building pulses with life

    Friday morning's cafe shift was the perfect setting for a deep chat with a friend. We were talking about challenges of life, identifying that it really isn't always easy. How do people do life without Jesus?
  • Love your neighbour as yourself

    I was born and grew up in central China where I was taught to believe in materialism and atheism. Even though I'm fond of reading religious histories and stories, I was quite cautious about converting to any religion.
  • More water, more love

    It's not every day that I give an honest answer to the usual "How do you do?" of my polite society. But this was a day when at any time the straw which broke the camel's back might have appeared.
  • Light afflictions

    I've been thinking about afflictions lately. The Bible talks about them like they were really easy and light and only last for the night. But when one is in the middle of affliction it feels like you'll never see the silver lining of that dark looming cloud.
  • Women's sports turning professional needs television

    Several team women's sport are turning professional. By professional I refer to the exchange of labour for monetary value, the same transaction that occurs in commerce and industry along with trades unions and associations which aid in such negotiations.
  • A haunting spectre

    Racism is a haunting spectre yet to be expelled from our culture. It is an issue every generation must address, and a conversation that continues to play out on the nightly news.
  • Heart check

    I told a lie a little while ago, what one might consider a "white lie" as though blatant untruths came in colours. The lie was not meant to hurt anyone, in fact, I actually meant well when I did it.
  • Should I share my exam marks with others?

    It's exam time. You're stressed and it is hard going. You put in your best effort and hopefully feel some relief when it's all done—but then the conversations with classmates start.
  • 'Died leaving…'

    Every morning, while getting ready for work, I listen to a local radio station's announcements of deaths and funerals. The notices follow a pattern.
  • It's weird what you turn to

    What are the things that anyone one of us turn to, when weak? Are we a bit partial to a bit of chocolate, or some extra crisps? Are we viewing our next bottle of red as a challenge to be done in one evening? I must confess that for me, the escape comes in the shape of television.
  • Encounter culture

    In preparing for an upcoming youth conference, I have had many discussions, watched many videos and listened to many sermons, and have arrived at the same conclusion as many others in my circle of friends: in every sphere of life the culture is rapidly changing and just having a different opinion from the majority labels you as judgemental, backward or even hateful.
  • Divine memories

    "What's your favourite memory of Jesus?" This was a question that was posed to me a few months ago. We were driving back from a day trip up north and my friend broke the silence of our road trip with this question.
  • How heroes are made

    What would it look like to live as though Jesus could return at any moment? What would it look like to live a life fully surrendered to him withholding nothing? What would our world look like if Jesus was Lord and King over all?
  • Why translate worship music?

    Have you ever heard the term 'melting pot'? It basically refers to a situation where you have lots of different types of people thrown in together, and they start to share and take on aspects of each other's identity.