Suit up!

This week I had a suit fitting after a month-long wait for my suit to be made by my tailor. The fitting process was quite simple, with the tailor being attentive and helpful in suggesting corrections to the garments.
  • 'Winners focus on winning, losers focus on winners'

    'Winners focus on winning, losers focus on winners' was splashed out across the globe with this timely image of Michael Phelps (USA) and Le Clos (South Africa) swimming the 200 metre butterfly final in the Rio Olympic Games this week.
  • Comfortable Christianity

    I'm woken by the noise of popping, whether from my sore back or from my bunk bed I'm not quite sure. Stumbling out of the room, I dodge small talk from my fellow housemates who enjoy mornings more than I do. The chilly winter's morning is met with equally cold water sputtering from the shower. Through chattering teeth I complain to God that I am entitled to better conditions.
  • Stay at home mums have a job to do

    At 3am I am roused from a blissfully deep sleep by the cries of my son. I savour the warmth of my bed, nestled in between the soft flannelette sheets. My husband sighs next to me and we argue silently about who will get up.
  • Get me out of here!

    I consider myself a very organised person. Okay, so when my second semester of uni kicked in, I was well prepared with my colour-coated, weekly timetable set up. All my books ready, notes all written in order to get straight onto my assessments for the weeks to come. My course outlines were printed and filed into my book, and my alarms were all set for my 8:00am mornings.
  • Love Mercy: Olympics athlete Eloise Wellings

    Being an elite athlete is a brutal occupation. It requires determination, resilience and intense focus. This sometimes means "life" for an athlete can become all about sport. But it is incredibly refreshing when you hear of top athletes who both excel in their sport and display a life balance.
  • Craving connection

    Have you ever been stuck in a conversation that seems to be going nowhere? Lately I have been having (or trying to have) deeper conversations with people I find myself with more often than not.
  • Christian dating: stolen by a girl at church

    I have met so many Christian people over the years who just want to love—and be loved in return—to share life with someone, to marry and have children, and grow old together. Their desire is to act on their God given desires to go forth and populate the world.
  • A sticky situation

    The world is full of small innocuous items that punch well above their weight. They barely register on the radar when present, but taken away the world flips its axis.
  • What's my name?

    I have a German forehead. It's big. I know that. I've been told all my life, sometimes in ways that were pretty cruel and sometimes in ways where it seemed that people really thought they were informing me or enlightening me about something I didn´t know.
  • The Trinity is like water...and other bad analogies

    As I sat with my Life Group a few weeks ago, discussing the triune nature of God, I asked a rather loaded question: "How have you heard the Trinity explained?" I braced myself for the painful, yet inevitable reply. Sure enough, one member answered "Well I've heard that the Trinity is like water: water can be liquid, gas (steam), or solid (ice), but it's still the same water".
  • Childhood wisdom

    The old Sunday school stories are often neglected with time, despite them holding key virtues to hold on to.
  • The arrival fallacy

    Close your eyes and imagine that for the last 12 months you have been saving every spare dollar towards your first car. Finally, you have the money needed.
  • Indigenous digital strategies

    It has been sixteen years eight months and eight days since the world sat up to witness the dawning of a new age. The year 2000 evoked several fears: computer programmers feared the Y2K bug: a complication in distinguishing the year 2000 from the 1900s.
  • Writings on the wall & hopes for tomorrow

    Recently in my home country there has been a surge or sudden, unexpected deaths. Some have speculated about the presence of lead in the water, while there were other conspiracies about people secretly being poisoned.
  • The Stopgap Effect

    You know that awkward feeling of trying to make conversation with someone you've just met at a party but then their gaze shifts and their eyes start to circle the room? It's as if they are just searching for someone they know so they can excuse themselves politely. Or maybe you're in a relationship that's starting to feel pretty lacklustre, and you have a nagging feeling that your partner is waiting for someone more effervescent, better looking or more interesting to come along?
  • Bitterness lost when we find the heart to forgive

    It can be very hard to forget the things that have deeply hurt us. It can even be worse when we've been hurt by someone that is close to us. I have often heard of family members that go for years without talking to one another due to previous disputes.
  • Has the church lost discipleship?

    I love the topic of discipleship. I enjoy thinking about it and having deep conversations about what discipleship actually means. Most of those conversations have gone on in my head, but to the ones that sat down and talked with me about it, I thank you.