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  • What we have forgotten in the gay marriage debate

    The U.S Supreme Court has delivered a judgement that legislation against gay marriage is unconstitutional. This has added fuel to a rapidly growing inferno, in both America and here in Australia.
  • Where the rubber hits the road of faith-filled life

    As Western Christians we have a reputation of being spoilt as we are immersed in a self-centred culture. Without daily persecution we live fairly comfortable lives and rarely have the depths of our faith tested.
  • Dealing with discouragement

    Disappointment is one of life's most uncomfortable feelings. It niggles at us, stealing our joy and dulling our passion for life.
  • Hillsong Conference Live Album Recording

    Hillsong Conference has traditionally been the launch week for the next praise and worship album out of Hillsong Church for over 20 years, so what is different this year?
  • The struggle against reality

    In Monty Python's 1978 film the Life of Brian, the following conversation took place among the brains trust of the People's Front of Judea (PFJ), a revolutionary terrorist organisation seeking to overthrow Roman rule in 1stCentury Judea.
  • Aliens and Angels

    In recent months, the conversation around increasing New Zealand's quota for UNHCR refugees has gained exciting momentum.
  • More than a product.

    Since my last column, where I talked about the ups and downs of being a Melbourne supporter, they have done their best to illustrate my point.
  • The Bible says what?

    Truth is whatever I would like it to be. Morality and truth are based off my personal convictions, not dictated by anyone or anything else.
  • Dying to control

    I was driving to work yesterday when a radio advertisement for a funeral home summoned my attention.
  • Should kids go to funerals?

    Death and grief are substances adults often struggle with. So how about children facing these same realities at a funeral? Should we take kids to funerals?
  • The sum of the parts

    The materialist has a neat enough worldview—a closed-system of sorts. The physical world is observable, and only the observable need be explainable.
  • But… God is Love, isn't He?

    We hardly need to read a dictionary to know what suffering is. Every single day of our lives shows us what it means. It's inescapable. It stares us in the face.
  • The flavour of faith is rest

    I have to clean myself up. I need to stop sinning with as much effort as I can. I need to press deeper and further towards God so he will accept and love me more. So that my salvation will be assured. That I may be presented holy and blameless before God.
  • Blur

    Gathering up my clothes, my Adidas Originals—black, though now dusted lightly with ocean salt—and my keys. My car keys. Off we trudged back up the Clovelly Track towards the car.
  • How to live not like YOLO

    'You only live once—YOLO' is the motto of this generation. It permeates marketing ploys and provides an excuse for reckless, opportunistic, or questionable behaviour.