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Animals have feelings too

This is not an opinion piece about becoming a vegetarian. It is not musings about the presence of pain receptors in different species.
  • What The Hulk taught me about repentance

    I love comic books. I still remember reading new comics on the school bus. I still have my entire collection at home, my all-time favourites being Wolverine, Iron-Man and The Hulk.
  • Faith—it gets in the way

    'OK, but when the Bible says that "you shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an abomination", you don't have any problem with that?' . . . 'So personally, as a Christian, you believe abortion is morally wrong?'
  • Sex at church

    Our society is soaked in sex. It's everywhere. It's exciting. Sometimes we, as Christians, get caught up in the obsession, accepting definitions from our culture over the Bible, but it's seldom a good thing