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  • A dad's perspective on… exercise

    Goal: latte at bayside café. When: An early Autumn Saturday morning with blue skies but still a crisp feel to the air. Mode: Energetic athletic dad running from townhouse, down alleyway, along waterfront footpath pushing restful daughter in three wheel pram.
  • Guess how much I love you?

    Being thankful in all circumstances can sometimes be challenging. Within 48 hours we ran out of tank water, had an eight hour power outage and to top it off, a magpie flew into my house and pooped all over my floor, lounge and curtains. Frustrating? By all means! But so ridiculous that I had to laugh, especially when I found the bird in my house.
  • United gain ground!

    The Premier League Season looks set to be a cracker, as Chelsea and City are now looking over their shoulder at a resurgent Manchester United!!
  • Modern carols suffering an identity crisis?

    Having had a look at some historic carols in my last article I was curious to see what is happening with new carols and nativity songs. In my search I stumbled across a 2013 top 10 Christian Christmas songs.
  • The story of today: He'll follow you into the dark

    For the past four months I have been part of a small church plant in the United States of America, and every week I had have the privilege of hearing testimony after testimony of the amazing work God is doing through this small local church.
  • Weeds

    I am writing this month's article on the second day of my 7 week Christmas holidays. There are definitely benefits in being a school teacher!
  • The great Australian Christmas rush.

    I admit it right upfront in this first sentence. I have writer's block this month. I am so busy with the build-up to the typical Aussie Christmas / holiday / summer / end-of-school period, that I really cannot see my way free to sit down and write an article.
  • Basic skills turned into gifts

    This year marks the 15th year since I started doing beach mission, and what a journey God has taken me on throughout that time.
  • Move forward

    Driving down the M1 Freeway two weeks ago, Priscila asleep in the passenger seat, I eased on the breaks.
  • Be a man after God's own heart!

    Last article I was going through Chad Howse' blog post on the 21 Laws of Manliness while using the life of the biblical Joshua as a fantastic example of manliness.
  • Taking the chance

    In our Christian walk we are subjected to all kinds of opportunities to talk to others about our faith. The problem is often our eyes are so focused on the physical world around us that we often overlook these opportunities.
  • Larapinta Trail: A sporting oasis in the outback

    Hidden in the Australian outback is a hiking, trekking and trail running sanctuary. The Larapinta Trail runs from one of the Northern Territory's highest points, Mt. Sonder, to Alice Springs' iconic Telegraphic Station.
  • Power in silence

    Ever been to a wedding and there's that really awkward silence in the middle of a speech? (Were we meant to cry, laugh or clap...)