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Updated: Friday, 25 July 2014, 17:53 (EST)
Sex isn’t my fault

Sex isn’t my fault

Why do you keep asking about boundaries? Picture this: God is sitting over here to the left...

To forgive or to not forgive

“Yes I am prepared To stay alive And I won't forgive, Vengeance is mine And I won't..

Animals and judgement: The fate of our furry (and furless) friends

When I was younger, I frequently wondered what happened to animals when they died. Did they face..

Follow me

Whenever I say ‘I grew up in a large family’ I feel it should be up for understatement of the..

Paradox of pain

There are moments in life, when it all is too much, when the pain is overwhelming. When you find..

For the generations

The European summer dream finally happened! I have recently flown back home to a whole new..