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Updated: Saturday, 30 August 2014, 12:12 (EST)
Units of Unity, China and the Church

Units of Unity, China and the Church

Unity undoubtedly underpinned the dynasties, kingdoms and empires of China throughout the last..

A Christian concept of death

It could be safely said that most of us fear death, and the thought of death dominates certain..

Christian art

I suppose my earliest thoughts on the topic of Christian art begin with a music festival. When I..

Build a better you today! (Part B: Where fitness & faith collide)

Are you wondering what happened to your health kick? You had been going strong for 2 maybe 3 weeks,..

Discussing the deeper questions; how do we do it?

How much do you know about what your friends think? What they really really think? Not just about..

City 2 Surf

Australia’s greatest fun run, the Sun-Herald City 2 Surf, completed another stunning chapter with..