• The whole world in His hands

    I am a Christian. I remember singing songs like "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands" and teaching children to sing, "My God is so great, so strong and so mighty, there's nothing my God cannot do."
  • The RSL turns 100

    When men started arriving home from Egypt and Gallipoli in 1915, Australia wasn't prepared for what came off the ships.
  • Lessons of a broken heart

    "It's odd, isn't it? People die every day and the world goes on like nothing happened. But when it's a person you love, you think everyone should stop and take notice. That they ought to cry and light candles and tell you that you're not alone."
  • Olympic Greats

    The 2016 Rio Olympics are just a heartbeat away. The Olympic Games capture our imagination. They have revealed sporting legends whose legacies remain for generations.
  • Earthquakes: A Sign of the Times

    Is there anything in this world as terrifying as an earthquake? When the very ground beneath your feet quivers and shakes and the stability of the world around you is called into question?
  • Christian parent's dilemma

    Some good friends have a homosexual adult son and others a homosexual adult daughter. They love their children but the Biblical values of Mum and Dad must pull them in the opposite direction to the lifestyles of their son and daughter.
  • A chat with the Baroness

    I happen to be an editor by profession. To some people, that sounds like the most boring job in the world. Imagine spending one's life in front of a computer, putting in commas or apostrophes or (as is more likely to be the case these days) taking them out.
  • What about the Kenyan students?

    Any mass shooting, regardless of the numbers, is a tragedy. Lives are taken, families and friends are plunged into grief, communities are shaken, and the shooter(s) also lose a life that could have been lived so differently.