Life after Delivery

A friend emailed a short devotion some years ago and it has never really left me alone since. It may be an old one, some may have read or heard it before but for those who haven't, the main theme revolves around twins still in the womb.
  • It was the chicken!

    I am retired from paid work, which does not mean I sit around all day doing nothing. Some days I wish I could! But one of the things retirement has allowed me to do is to ponder the great questions of this life.
  • I thought Karl Marx was Dead...and Socialism with him

    I can't recall there being a time like the present, and I've started my 6th decade. There's this eerie, unsettling, obscure but ominous feeling of dread descending upon us and encircling us. Like a surreal force of impending doom, unstoppable and fatal.
  • What's in a name?

    An awful lot when you think about it! When a baby is born, friends and family all want to know what the child will be called. Without a name, the little mite doesn't seem to quite have his or her own identity.
  • Cop killers: Power of the tongue

    Years ago I interviewed a young man who faced a murder charge. "I don't know what the fuss is about, I only killed a wog," he told me.
  • Have I loved you enough today?

    Raindrops on roses - this is what awaited me one morning when I peered out the window at my potted rose plant, which recently bloomed the most delicious smelling, deep pink bud I have ever seen it grow. Each time I glanced its way, it had grown a little bigger and leaned in as if beckoning me to step out onto the deck, hold it's beautiful head in my hands and breathe in its perfume.
  • Confronting with love

    God is love. We have heard it, said it, read it, sang it over and over, a thousand times but what does it mean? It's easy to say whether we love coffee, or Vegemite, football or the beach.
  • Wind!

    Bushland suburbs in the foothills of Mt Wellington (Hobart) are cleaning up after a near-cyclonic windstorm over several days last week. The sound of chainsaws and trucks with mulchers was heard everywhere during the calmer days of the weekend.
  • I wish we'd all been ready

    Harold Camping first predicted the world would end October 21, 2011. That was not his first forecast. In 1992 he published a book called 1994 and in it declared Christ would return mid-September, that same year.
  • Billy tea – thoughts on evangelism

    You're really not a true Aussie unless you have made real billy tea. Water in the billy on a campfire, throw in a handful of tea leaves and let it boil for a bit, then grab the billy's handle and swing it through 3600 to settle the tea leaves.