An Ancient Antecedent... with a contemporary warning

The amber spokes of fading daylight heralded the approach of evening, as the sun slipped behind the horizon, the warm summer winds continued to blow along the colonnades. The day had gone, but the night was yet young.
  • Sorry, Amos!

    A few years ago I was called up for jury duty for the first time. It was an exciting moment. I thought of Amos's words: "Let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream!"
  • Arthur or Martha? Sam or Samantha?

    It's becoming a big issue, even though it affects less than 1% of a population. It seems to be hitting the headlines more often, as people grapple with the troubling condition known variously as gender dysphoria or gender identity disorder.
  • Yeah. But. No.

    We've all had this experience: footsteps on the path, quiet voices and then the knock at the door. You open the door to a couple of people, usually women, one much younger than the other. Their clothes and shoes are sensible, their faces earnest but kind of tired. In their hands they clutch books and leaflets and you know at once why they have knocked at your door. They are on a mission.
  • The Olive Tree, A Significant Symbol.

    The unique connection between Jews and Christians is sometimes a fierce debate but the Bible indicates our relationship is found in the symbol of the olive tree.
  • Are You Freed from Slavery?

    The Jews regard the first five books in the Bible as the Torah. They have a schedule that takes them through Torah passages every week. Recently, Bridges for Peace USA asked me to teach on Ki Seitzei, a study of Deuteronomy chapter 21, verse 10 to chapter 25, verse 19.
  • Distraction

    I was visiting a friend of mine recently and as always I asked her if there were any particular spiritual problems on her mind. Immediately she remarked that she didn't seem to be praying and singing to the Lord as much as usual. Assuring me that she was not resisting the presence of God in any conscious way I sensed to take a different tack.
  • Muslim Academics, Call Time on Terror

    We may be witnessing a revolution. Out of the recent spate of bloodshed and terror a movement of hope is emerging. French Muslim leaders refused to bury priest-killer Adel Kermiche after he murdered 86 years old priest Father Jacques Hamel last July.
  • Life after Delivery

    A friend emailed a short devotion some years ago and it has never really left me alone since. It may be an old one, some may have read or heard it before but for those who haven't, the main theme revolves around twins still in the womb.
  • Words that build or destroy

    On the morning of September 11, 2001, theologian Miroslav Volf was just finishing a talk to the International Prayer Breakfast of the United Nations in New York. The time was 8.34am. The topic was reconciliation.
  • Do we hang out Jesus style?

    In 1988 Floyd McClung and Kalafi Moala wrote a book "Nine Worlds to Win." They emphasized evangelism into the worlds of Islam, Buddhism, Communism with a chapter on Nominal Christians.
  • It was the chicken!

    I am retired from paid work, which does not mean I sit around all day doing nothing. Some days I wish I could! But one of the things retirement has allowed me to do is to ponder the great questions of this life.
  • I thought Karl Marx was Dead...and Socialism with him

    I can't recall there being a time like the present, and I've started my 6th decade. There's this eerie, unsettling, obscure but ominous feeling of dread descending upon us and encircling us. Like a surreal force of impending doom, unstoppable and fatal.
  • What's in a name?

    An awful lot when you think about it! When a baby is born, friends and family all want to know what the child will be called. Without a name, the little mite doesn't seem to quite have his or her own identity.