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  • Professional Rugby League Sportsman takes lessons learned from the field onto International Christian TV

    Pastor Paul Stevens, former professional National Rugby League (NRL) player in Australia and Cronulla Sharks Team Chaplain, has taken lessons from his sporting career to present 10, one minute 'Ignite your Life' TV spots. They will air from this week (March 21) on the international 'Inspiration TV Network', as well as the 'Australian Christian Channel'. "I am excited these TV spots will be seen in the US, the UK, Australia and around the world via satellite and online" said Paul.
  • The Selfless Gene

    World famous book 'The Selfish Gene' by Richard Dawkins was released in 1976. This was written to express the gene-centred view of evolution.
  • Put your hands in the air like you just got prayer

    We all got into it for the same reason, us boys from Christian homes: girls. It would have been wrong for us to demonstrate our suitability for marriage through flirting (it never happens at church) so worship leading was always the best way to show your emotionally intelligent side.
  • Careers and business as loving relationships

    Recently I have been reading on two very different but related topics: Biblical models of economics and banking ("After Capitalism: Rethinking Economic Relationships" by Paul Mills and Michael Schluter), and the role of scientists in Hitler's Nazi Germany ("Hitler's Scientists: Science, War, and the Devil's Pact" by John Cornwell).
  • Reverence for the dead

    I had the pleasure of walking in the Royal National Park, south of Sydney recently, wherein, amongst the magnificent scenery I happened upon an antechinus.
  • Things I wish I knew before I turned 27

    The motivation for this article is partly because it's the New Year and everyone loves a good list, but it's also partly because of a talk that I heard when I was 17. The talk was given to the youth group I attended and it was entitled
  • It's a hard enough life, this first world life

    Living in the so called first world is really tough. I can go to the tap and I turn it on and out comes fresh drinking water, I go to my shower and turn it on and I can take a long hot shower. I go to my fridge open the door and complain that I have nothing to eat when I have drawers filled and a pantry filled with various cans.
  • Whakama: It's a bit of a shame

    Michael English was a certified big shot in the Christian music scene of the early 90's. The man was an acclaimed gospel singer and in 1994 picked up four Dove Awards off the back of a national tour. He was the top Christian artist at the time and had it made.
  • Abortion celebrated - a disturbing paradox

    About a month ago everyone was all abuzz over the first public appearance of Xiao Liwu, the baby panda bred in captivity at the San Diego zoo. The world cooed and pondered this miracle of life engineered by the San Diego zoo and their panda breeding program.