Arthur or Martha? Sam or Samantha? - Part 2

Some people regard those with gender dysphoria as having an unchangeable condition, and psychological treatment to date to help people realign with their biological sex has not been particularly successful.
  • If sermons were like classrooms

    Imagine a student attending a classroom. How would you respond if that student had no evidence of growth or knowledge from class? No class preparation, homework or assessment completed. No evidence of knowledge gained or work done.
  • King Hezekiah really did destroy idols

    The accuracy of the Bible is continually confirmed. Recent excavations in the Tel Lachish National Park in Israel have revealed a 'gate-shrine,' dated to the period of the First Temple, about the eighth century B.C.
  • Oh what love!

    The night was clear and calm after a week of weather with bouts of wind and rain. The guests began to arrive, dressed in vintage glamour costumes. It was going to be a fun night and I had been given instructions to stay outside and enjoy the party.
  • Anti-Semitism, 'Perverted and absurd'

    Last month the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby made profound comments about anti-Semitism. In strong language he described it as the 'insidious evil' and 'perverted and absurd.'
  • In this life, here and now

    Fifty years ago the sight of someone talking to himself would have elicited either sympathy – poor thing, he's a bit soft in the head, you know; or suspicion – we would have crossed the street or walked away quickly.
  • The 2030 Agenda One World Government

    This time last year the United Nations approved The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. It introduced 'a new universal agenda' for all mankind.
  • Deception - Part 1

    My eye was caught by the title of a book in a bookshop the other day: "Tell the Truth, Shame the Devil". What a profound statement!
  • Prosperous spirituality?

    Returning from a pan-Asia Christian conference my mind was exercised about whether material prosperity and spiritual maturity can ever exist together?
  • The Feasts of the Lord

    Autumn in Israel starts with the celebration of Rosh Hashanah, which in Hebrew means "head of the year" (the Jewish New Year). It is also known as the Feast of Trumpets and Day of the Blowing (Yom HaTruah).
  • Australia's Wedge-tailed Eagle

    As a young bloke on the family wool-growing property with my first rifle, I remember being urged by my grandfather to shoot any 'eaglehawks' I saw.
  • Why you won't be spending eternity in heaven

    When I was a young Christian, about 30 years ago, I was taught that the kingdom of God meant one thing and one thing only. It was the place those of us in Christ go to spend eternity with him when we die.
  • Be excellent to one another

    While we may never forgive him for Jar Jar Binks, George Lucas does deserve credit for the inspired choice to cast Sir Alec Guinness as Obi Wan Kenobi.
  • I spy with my little eye

    "Come on in. Make yourself comfortable but please be careful my TV and the computer are both listening and recording every word." No I am not joking! The Berkman Centre for Internet and Society at Harvard released a report to warn consumers that many smart home devices have spying capabilities.
  • I want to ride my bicycle

    How would you handle riding up and down a hill for 12 hours? There are mountains of endurance challenges to choose from. Some are public events, such as the 42km marathon. In this event everyone trains and turns up on race day. They compete for the prize of running under the finishing banner. For their endurance they earn a finisher's medal presented to them in front of the crowd.
  • An Ancient Antecedent... with a contemporary warning

    The amber spokes of fading daylight heralded the approach of evening, as the sun slipped behind the horizon, the warm summer winds continued to blow along the colonnades. The day had gone, but the night was yet young.
  • Sorry, Amos!

    A few years ago I was called up for jury duty for the first time. It was an exciting moment. I thought of Amos's words: "Let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream!"
  • Arthur or Martha? Sam or Samantha?

    It's becoming a big issue, even though it affects less than 1% of a population. It seems to be hitting the headlines more often, as people grapple with the troubling condition known variously as gender dysphoria or gender identity disorder.