• The remarkable life of Harry Henkel

    Harry Henkel passed to glory last month. He was in a Canberra nursing home. His family and friends said good-bye. There were three separate services. He was born in Germany in 1926 and migrated to Australia in 1952 and lived a remarkable life.
  • Banged up abroad is real trouble

    In recent days (China) and weeks (Indonesia, Malaysia ....) we have heard through newscasts the numbers of Australians in different parts of the world who have been 'banged up' (as it were).
  • Friends and mates, mates and friends

    A fascinating question in the Australian culture for a male is the difference between a friend and a mate? This came up in the pre interview discussion in an Australian Missionary News IPTV interview with the World Circuit Professional Surfing Chaplain Abe Andrews.