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Updated: Friday, 1 August 2014, 21:05 (EST)
Battle of Monte Cassino – New Zealanders and Germans

Battle of Monte Cassino – New Zealanders and Germans

Recently 'Auckland NOW' ran a feature by Aimee Gulliver on the gathering of New Zealand WWII..

Liz Hay's story: A New Zealand Panellist in the young writer program

Today I present a profile of one of my Panellists (who, as a group, help me with various aspects of..

Airline elitist First Class is slowly being sidelined as has such pews in churches

A recent article in the NZ Herald ran an interesting story recently that many airlines are ditching..

Father's Day and the Christian connection

The year their only son was born saw John and Sonora Dodd attending the Mother’s Day service at..

Basil Sellers $100,000 Sport-Art Prize – indigenous artist Tony Albert highlights racism in sport

The two Basil Sellers Art winners have been announced, one of international acclaim, indigenous..

Craig Groeschel: 'The biggest enemy of faith is the familiar'

The atmosphere was electric during the first night of Hillsong's No Other Name conference on..
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OMF focuses on more than 105 people groups in East Asia, representing 90% of..

Compassion Australia

Compassion is an international Christian child development and child advocacy..

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Booth College is the Salvation Army's education & training body in the..