NZ holiday survey opposite to missions

A recent NZ Herald article listed from a travel destination survey, New Zealand's favourite holiday destinations overseas and the list of places within New Zealand they favour.
  • Laguna Quays Respite missions visiting

    The Whitsundays missionary respite cottage for missionaries, mission and church full-time personnel developed by Well-Being Australia at Laguna Quays Respite has been enjoying missions visitors.
  • International young writer panellists - 2017

    The International panellists in the Press Service International young writer program with Christian Today has a rich history determining the winners of the annual International Basil Sellers writers awards.
  • Preachers and the dramatic

    Many a preacher can contest with the very best actor as the preacher conveys not only a life saving message, the preacher must find ways to make that message stick - be memorable and contain a lasting link into the hearts and minds of the hearers.
  • 1953 – Edmund Hillary and Mount Everest

    My late mother had kept a magazine featuring Edmund Hillary's climb to the top of Mt Everest because it was a feat that no-one had ever managed before, and it was achieved by a 'mere colonial' – a New Zealander.
  • The Saxophone, an instrument of passion

    Yes, I am one of thousands upon thousands of Australians who plays the saxophone. To my knowledge, every school band throughout Australia has had at least one saxophonist, as have the multiplicity of town or community bands. This is a tradition that has gone on for generation after generation.
  • Benhadad counted his chickens before they hatched

    Counting your chickens before they've hatched is as true today as it has always been, as even explained in the Bible. The Online Idiom Dictionary explains it as "Don't make future plans on something that has not yet happened" and provides several similar idioms such as "Jumping the gun".
  • 2017 Christian Today – sport writers

    Sport young writers are sought for 2017 to write in Christian Today Australia Christian Today and New Zealand - young men and women between the ages of 18-30.
  • The Footplate Padre on railway museums

    The Footplate Padre has visited many railway museums over the years – these include Sydney, Thirlmere, Redbank (Ipswich), Beenleigh, Melbourne, Launceston, Adelaide, Perth, Albany, Gympie, Goulburn and even the Smithsonian in Washington DC.
  • The year ahead as from the year past

    2017 is already with us. This inspired me to consider our 'year of mission' just past. Every reader will be able to put their own Christian highlights into such an article.
  • 'Brown on Resolution' – the movie: Sailor of the King

    A Narrabundah High School English teacher in the mid sixties was instrumental in helping me improve my grammar. As one with a passion for writing, I was lacking two skills: a broader vocabulary and the ability to use grammar and syntax so I fronted up to Mr Gilbert Ward for some extra-curricular help.
  • 2017 with fresh paradigms

    2017 will undoubtedly see many fresh paradigms and not least with Brexit (UK) and a new President (US). Christian ministry too will see fresh expressions of mission - this new year will be an exciting one.
  • The Second Coming of Jesus Christ

    That the great divines (Bible Scholars) of the past have noted that one in twenty five verses in the New Testament have some engagement with the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and associated themes, and therefore it should come as no surprise to anyone that this subject (Eschatology) would create some controversy.
  • New Year watermark – Who needs me?

    As we come to a new year on Sunday – 1 January 2017 - a watermark question is a perennial one, and highlighted by the serious statistics associated with self harm and worse - is a simple question - Who needs me?
  • Pesky carry-on baggage such a hassle

    We're in the midst of Christmas week, many of us are flying hither and thither and as sure as night follows day many of us have carry-on luggage and we're well aware of the benefits of travelling light and how best to manage this.
  • Complexities a bane of life

    Tronson du Coudray's recent art work "Complexities" is one of philosophical realism for each and every person dealing with everything that comes into their lives.