• 2017 young writer panellists' big year

    The 2017 Australian young writer program is shaping up well and we invite young Australians 18-30 interested in a monthly column in Christian Today to make contact.
  • Plants can be grown in space

    As someone who comes from a long line of gardeners, I was most interested to read a report from earlier in the year, that scientists had grown plants on the International Space Station as it floated around in space.
  • Acting Fireman induction – Footplate Padre

    The 32 Class steam locomotive hauled light freight and inter-urban passenger trains on the New South Wales Government Railways. By the time I began on the railways at Goulburn round-house as a trainee engineman in 1968, the 32 Class was utilised for shunting purposes.
  • Laguna Quays Respite big 2017

    Already so many bookings have come into the Whitsundays Laguna Quays Respite for missionaries, home missions and ministers for 2017 that it appears to be another wonderful year of ministry.
  • Kiwi young writer program for 2017

    The 2017 young writer program is shaping up nicely for the New Zealand young writers, one of the four groups within Press Service International's young writer program including Australian, International and Sport young writers.
  • Choosing a church can be tricky – 10 insights

    This fascinated me – I came across this article in my research from my archive, from the Sydney Morning Herald by Stephen Ottley, entitled "Top 10 car buying mistakes". I considered the parallels with these issues when considering which church to choose.
  • 16 railway books – Footplate Padre

    It all began in 1984 when as a former railway man and wanting to find a railway book on the nature of hands-on instruction of driving a train, I felt inspired to write of my own experiences as a locomotive engineman from the shed to the driving seat.
  • A world without sport?

    What would life be like, as we know it, without any form of sport and sport entertainment? Before we begin to answer that question, it might be an idea to consider the positives of sport.
  • Working from home

    In a News.com article that is becoming increasingly common, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer who gave birth to a baby boy will be working from home, more so as a first time mother.
  • Get-up-and-go

    Five years ago it was reported, "It was not possible to earn a decent wage without a bachelor's degree," said Kira Duroux 23 a student at Sydney's University of Technology. And very little has changed.
  • 'Special religious occasions'

    History is replete with literature that has recorded 'special religious occasions' and in some sense the entire Old and New Testaments are examples of such encounters.
  • ISIS and the Palestinian women motor race drivers?

    With ISIS on the ropes as it were, the question remains of the Palestinian women motor race team who have been on the international race circuit for some years now – what has been referred to as the fast track to freedom.
  • The question of the Covenant and Anon - Abortion

    Each Australian State have their own laws regarding abortion. The topic is fraught with debate with the feminist brigade claiming this has nothing to do with anyone else other than woman's rights. Pro Life supporters see it as taking a life.