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Saying farewell to some remarkable young writers

Press Service International (PSI) is a ministry of developing young writers in conjunction with Christian Today, where each young person in the program writes one article every five weeks, 10 'Comment' articles a year.
  • When the State does the right thing

    The ABC online news late last year published an article whose first par was as follows: The State of New South Wales has agreed to pay Roseanne Beckett $4 million for wrongful imprisonment after prosecutors dropped a legal bid to freeze the payment.
  • Culture and Christianity – weird and wonderful mixes

    When at seminary 38 years ago we turned our attention in one semester to culture and Christianity in the light of world missions and noticed how experienced and wise missionaries regularly worked within cultural norms rather than trying to inset western culture.
  • Laguna Quays Respite readying for big 2016

    The Whitsundays missionary respite cottage for missionaries, mission and church full-time personnel developed by Well-Being Australia at Laguna Quays Respite is readying for a big year in 2016.
  • Our fabulous ute

    Okay, I'm guilty, writing again on our fabulous 'ute'. This is a story that requires regular attention. Like the Hills Hoist, another Australian invention.
  • Stutter's stuttering to the Lord

    This article is personal as I have been a stutterer all my life. Some years ago now it was revealed stutterers suffering severe ''social phobias'' linked to their speech impediment will be able to access psychological help online after successful Sydney trials for a new treatment.
  • Country Town Tours come in many forms

    Our Country Town Tour program takes in many guises, some with sport coaches, some with athletes, some with corporate executives and the like. On Country Town Tours we visit schools, youth groups, dinners, men's breakfasts and the like.
  • Best of 2015 - ARPA 'Gold' to PSI young writer Casey Murray

    The Australasian Religious Press Association gala awards night Saturday 29 August in Brisbane saw Press Service International (PSI) New Zealand young writer Casey Murray awarded 'GOLD' for Category 10 "Best Column or Blog" with her article 'Because I'm happy – kind of'.
  • Laguna Quays Respite upgrades for missionaries

    The Well-Being Australia respite ministry at Laguna Quays Respite on the mainland of the Whitsundays for missionaries, mission and church full-time personnel has seen some important upgrades.
  • Showing the colours is big business as it is philosophically

    Think of the things where colour plays a huge part of any situation or celebration. I can think of the Olympics, tourism advertising, promoting cities, gala events and pageants, community fests such as vintage cars, rock'n'roll, the blues, jazz ... the list is almost endless.
  • Fiction has nothing on these …..

    Recently I read three articles that reveal truth is quite often stranger than fiction. Two comes from New Zealand and one from Israel. All three of these stories you too might find interesting with many subsequent implications.