A theology of enjoying sport

We often gain much enjoyment from playing a game, or from watching others play. There are times however, when we are a little uncomfortable about some of those feelings. Olympians and professional athletes along with the mum's and dad's of the nation all advise that it is imperative to "enjoy your sport". This is the over riding sentiment.
  • Beauty in the eye of the beholder

    Evangelist Greg Laurie, speaking at the Harvest Crusade at the Angel Stadium in Anaheim, Los Angeles, addressed the subject of 'physical beauty.' The question he posed - "Do you think honestly if you were really handsome or strikingly beautiful that would make you happy?"
  • Tourist sites and imagination

    Poland has found an investor to turn the "Wolf's Lair" of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler into a tourist attraction. The ruins of Hitler's fortress complex deep in the woodlands of north eastern Poland is famed as the site of an assassination attempt on Hitler by Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg.
  • Donald Trump and the prayer shawl

    What was the significance of the prayer shawl given to US presidential candidate Donald Trump? I have been asked the question: Was there a message? Trump visited a black culture church in Detroit. The pastor Bishop Wayne T. Jackson gave the candidate a prayer shawl, known in Hebrew as tallit, and a Bible.
  • The appropriate entity? No easy answer

    A few years ago now, illustrated by an article in the Sydney Morning Herald, raised a generic question which is relevant to a wide range of situations not least Christian Churches and Missions. The generic question is "Just who is the appropriate entity?"
  • Gaming the Bible

    Thousands of kids around the world, including Kiwis, are now playing a New Zealand made online Bible game designed to bring the Scriptures alive.
  • Classic double speak

    A few years ago I cited a Westpac spokesperson who was quoted: "This is not about cost. It's about improving our skill capability by leveraging global scale of sourcing providers."
  • 1970's hovercraft cars, now Flying cars

    In the early 1970's hovercraft cars were the 'future' rage – deal with the bumper to bumper traffic, beat the rush .... and today, it's flying cars according to a recent news report.
  • Paralympics

    The RIO Paralympics are underway as you read this piece and already Australian paralympians are in the medals – Gold, Silver. Bronze and participation.
  • The focus – the next generation

    The Reverend Dr Rowland Croucher is the Pastor's Pastor and founder of John Mark Ministries, which in essence is a vast ministry of pastoral care for ministers, damaged ministers and former ministers, along with a huge archive of Christian academia on all such issues.
  • Lifestyle App Goes Viral

    For busy mums, it seems there are plenty of things that keep us on the go. Besides housework, extra-curricular activities, never empty washing baskets, appointments, meals, shopping, and careers, there is also the catching up of friends, family and celebrations.
  • Could be worst bush fires in years

    Last year the Western Australian bush fires at Yarloop as illustrated in the photographs are horrendous – house after house, street after street .... similarly in South Australia and along Victoria's Great Ocean Road.