Justin Monaghan

Press Service International

Justin Monaghan is married to his beautiful wife Liana a CT writer. Justin is also a prophetic artist under the label JR Faith Creations as well is pursuing a career in the entertainment industry with his studies in VFX and digital illustration at university. He is a lover of surfing and anything adventurous.

  • Don’t live your life on pause in Covid 19

    In the changing landscape that is being produced by this current COVID-19 pandemic we are all adjusting to a new way of life which is certainly challenging the ways we once knew.

  • There is no greater love than to lay down your life for your friends

    As I write this there is a political storm happening on social media about the current Australian fire crisis. As I scrolled on social media all I seem to see is a bunch of unresearched, off the cuff comments that are only adding metaphorical fuel to the fire and creating more damage than good.

  • Offence and Neediness is not Godliness

    Recently I was saddened to hear that a Church I knew had undergone another split and that there were members of the Church that got offended and went their own way. Don’t get me wrong I'm all for Church planting as its the reason the faith has gone all over the world.

  • Waves of life

    As a surfer I have found it's not good enough to just catch the wave, you need to be able to catch the wave in the right position.

  • Living generously like our God

    When we are generous with our finance we are actually bringing God’s economy into play on the earth and this is a part of the Lord’s prayer to bring his Kingdom to the earth.

  • Abide in him and make your roar known

    My prayer life with God is an adventure of colour, visions and symbols. Often I find myself in an imaginative world that is something like a movie with ever changing aspects, pictures and often don’t make sense when I try to put it all together with human logic.

  • Pray for our leaders...

    I write this before the current election in which Australia decides who will be our next Prime Minister and the political party that will lead us into the next season. Unlike any other election day prior to this I have been extremely interested in some of the key issues that are being discussed and how they pose a challenging question to many Christians in Australia.

  • Plodding plus Faith

    We each face different seasons as we walk this life with Jesus and they are certainly not always as you expect them. Struggles, trials, transitions and dark times can cause us to call out to God for guidance, clarity and wisdom.

  • It’s never too late

    Late last year I made the decision to change my course of job and while I was deeply entrenched into my career as a corporate team builder I found that there was deep seated unrest that was in my heart and mind.

  • Refining your craft: God cares and wants to partner with you

    Heading into 2019, I generally think most of us are thinking about improving ourselves, making and setting goals and getting back in touch with that “God dream” you had in your heart that still is not fulfilled.