Justin Monaghan

Press Service International

Justin Monaghan is married to his beautiful wife Liana a CT writer. Justin is also a prophetic artist under the label JR Faith Creations as well is pursuing a career in the entertainment industry with his studies in VFX and digital illustration at university. He is a lover of surfing and anything adventurous.

  • Is Jesus enough?

    The most recent couple of months have certainly tested how real our faith is. Often the true test of of faith is when things aren’t going your way not when things are fine.

  • The substance of God is Love

    Every day in recent months I have awoken and have wondered what is actually happening beneath the surface of my life.

  • A lovely life ahead and there'll be some plodding

    We each face different seasons as we walk this life with Jesus and they are certainly not always as you expect them.

  • Never never never give up on your dreams.

    What happens when it seems like the dreams you are chasing in life seem to hit a brick wall? At this junction you are challenged to your core to believe whether these dreams are worth fighting for.

  • A search for identity

    My heart breaks for the current state of the world when it comes to true identity.

  • The waves of the Holy Spirit

    I am a surfer and an artist. I chase the waves and try and capture the essence of God through paint.

  • Enlarge the place of your tent

    In recent years I have often woken between the hours of 2:30am and 4.00am. A lot of people would say, "gee that's an ungodly hour". But it is quite the opposite!

  • Releasing the fire of God and illuminating the darkness

    As an aspiring artist I want to see the pictures and images that I produce be released into the world and to see how they impact those who view them.