Kandima Awendila


Kandima Awendila was born in Mozambique and lives and works as an IT Service Desk Engineer on the Gold Coast.'Kandi Awendila's archive of articles may be viewed at www.pressserviceinternational.org/kandima-awendila.html

  • Massive faith required to hold evolutionary theory

    Some years ago, I had been visiting a physiotherapist for rehabilitation of a knee injury I sustained. As they described how a knee should correctly function and that the muscles around or above my knee also play an important role in its proper function,

  • The somebody question

    The words "You're nobody 'til somebody loves you" continually echo in my mind as I ponder on this phrase. It's those famous words sung by singer/actor Frank Sinatra that prompted my deliberation on what such a view actually means to me. Do they mean that I am insignificant until somebody begins to love me?

  • Lost in translation – unequally yoked

    The marriage equality debate somehow took our eye off another issue, that is the Christian's perspective on what is commonly referred to from the Scriptures as being "unequally yoked".

  • A second look is required

    A jigsaw puzzle is never complete without all the pieces. I remember as a child, laying all the jigsaw puzzle pieces on a table and then I would try and figure out which piece goes where. It could be quite challenging sometimes especially with those 1000-2000 piece puzzles. I knew that the pieces could only fit in one way, it didn't matter what I thought, the design of the puzzle demands that the pieces only fit in that specific way.

  • Onwards

    It's so easy for me to get caught up in my day to day life. I pack my days with all sorts of stuff. I get busy with work, family and other commitments. How I live my life each day, can be shaped by the smallest of choices I make.

  • Who are you to tell me what to wear?

    I recently watched a video that was addressing the issue of the inappropriate manner men and women dress for church. It showed multiple images of people in church dressed in what the preacher termed “the same way they would dress to a nightclub”. The images showed such outfits like mini-dresses/skirts, plunging necklines, excessively ripped jeans, and pants worn so far below the hip they reveal the underwear.

  • Australia a far off place

    I was born and raised in Mozambique and moved to Zimbabwe and I recall home in Zimbabwe eighteen years ago dreaming about going to university in Australia.

  • False news, false religion

    False news is now a common phrase. What about false religion such as - I have heard it said that once you become a Christian all your troubles vanish.

  • The rapture - Is there any need for argument?

    End time prophecy is one of the most controversial topics among Christians. People often argue whether Christians in the end times will face a time known as the “Great Tribulation”

  • Life overhaul (PSI Best of 2018)

    Lately, I've been watching a lot of those house renovations shows. I love to see old broken houses transformed into something that looks new again.