A mind that justifies whatever we wish

A mind that justifies whatever we wish

A man was caught speeding by the police according to the current affairs program I was watching. Instead of stopping when instructed by police, the man fled. This resulted in a high speed police chase which ended tragically with the death of the man.

  • Christian Women, what are you wearing?

    Christian Women, what are you wearing?

    The world treats our bodies as sexual objects and the styles in fashion are designed to emphasis this. It is hard to go to the store to buy clothes that are meant to cover us up when the style is about wearing as little as you can.  Women are being immodest for the sake of fashion.   

  • The children who cross our borders

    The children who cross our borders

    I remember the first time I saw the photos of Ruby Bridges walking into the formerly all-white Frantz Elementary School in Louisiana on November 14th, 1960. There she was - a six-year-old little girl with a flower in her hair - surrounded by screaming, hateful adults telling her she didn’t have the right to be in their places because of the color of her skin.

  • A prayer of a wretched soul

    A prayer of a wretched soul

    Desire burns within me, yet in ashes, For it isn’t for You, O Fountain of Life...

  • Leadership Trumps

    Leadership Trumps

    There is a lot of uproar regarding the Trump administration. Depending on who you listen to the leader of the free world is either a saint or the Devil himself. What’s most potent is the constant comparison - he is not like Obama, he is like Hitler, He is Christ’s response to the American crisis, he behaves like Kim Jon-un.

  • Total truth

    Total truth

    The truth is a timeless topic of interest, not just for me but for many others throughout human history. This is a common pursuit—as soon as we are aware of our surroundings we begin to question how, why, and what we know.

  • Overcoming the Overwhelming

    Overcoming the Overwhelming

    I know I’m not the only one whose been anxious and overwhelmed. It is estimated that 40 million Americans suffer some form of anxiety disorder. That is 18% of all American adults. This is a scary statistic.

  • The way of the Master

    The way of the Master

    Following your own heart is a fallacy. Following the Master is the way of truth. A master can give you a heart for that which you know nothing about. As it turns out we all need a heart transplant when it comes to knowing God: Jeremiah chapter 24 verse  7

  • Three Ways Closer

    Three Ways Closer

    This week my husband and I celebrated five years of marriage. Five years seemed like a very long time when we were first married but now it feels like no time at all. We’re not quite newlyweds but still feel like it in many ways!

  • Trial by Fire

    Trial by Fire

    Have you ever looked at a tiny flame of a candle and thought how beautiful? Or at a fireplace and thought how cozy and warm? And then you hear about spontaneous combustion and think no thank you. Because fun fact about fire – it hurts.

  • From disillusionment to contentment

    From disillusionment to contentment

    At high school I remember studying The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway. Written post-WWI, it reveals the fragmentation and devastation caused by the Great War. In particular, it reflects the ‘disillusionment’ felt by many during in that time, a worldview known as modernity.

  • My Trip to Portland – Experiencing Rest

    My Trip to Portland – Experiencing Rest

    I recently flew, with my frequent flyer miles, to Portland Oregon. I was going to see what all the hype was about. Apparently, the city is filled with breweries, suspicious amounts of coffee and hippies or hipsters (depending on your definition). If your wondering, my definition of a hipster is someone that wants to be a hippy, but has more money.

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