Heated Discourse

Heated Discourse

Yes, what I have to say relates to climate change, but no, this isn’t an argument. I want to talk about my experiences and how I’ve felt about discussions I’ve had. I may stray briefly into why I view issues the way I do but I’ll try and keep that to a minimum as what I want to talk about are my frustrations and my hope..

  • The importance of losing our religion

    The definition of religion is highly debated especially in a world where there are so many religions that look so different from each other.

  • The Scam of Sin

  • Missing persons – where are they??

    Every year, Australia has a 'Missing Persons Week', in which advertisements and publicity campaigns urge those people who have "chosen" to disappear to please contact their loved ones or the Police; even if they want to keep their current location confidential for their own personal reasons.

  • The lessons never stop

    Have you ever noticed the divide between what you think and what you feel?

  • Australia Day

    Australian is a land of abundance albeit a dry brown land with droughts, bushfires and floods aplenty. This time last year there were horrific floods in north Queensland, the last three months have been ferocious bush fires in every State. A severe drought impacts the nation.

  • What’s your word for the year 2020?      

    For the past 15 years or so I have chosen a single word for the New Year ahead. It is usually a word that represents a goal, focus or dream for the year ahead. If you haven’t done so before I encourage you to choose a word and ask your friends and family to join in too.

  • Rules of the house

    It's nothing out of the ordinary for a nonbeliever to question how a person could fall for such an idea as Christianity. Christians often see things from the opposite perspective, regarding the sceptic or unbeliever as more of a victim of being blinded by the world, as said in 2 Corinthians chapter 4 verse 4: “to keep them from seeing the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.”

  • The housing crises: Where is the church?

    I am fascinated by the housing crises that we are living in today here in New Zealand. For those of you who don’t know, our large cities—including the largest one which I happen to call home—is overpopulated and underhoused.

  • The God of no supernatural miracles

    Can you relate to my friend’s experience? Something is wrong and you pray for a breakthrough: a supernatural intervention of God into that situation. You are trusting and believing, looking for God to act miraculously, to turn up and do something.

  • Ordinary people doing extraordinary things

    Nehemiah is our man of focus today. When the book opens, Nehemiah is serving under the Persian King. He is a cupbearer to the King. This allows his access to, at the time, one of the most powerful men in the world.

  • How I shed my quills

    I wasn’t always like this, I promise. No, who am I kidding. Of course I was. From the first irritated cry as I entered this world of discomfort to the sigh of stress I released just now, I have always been spiky.