Good Friday - Reflections on Purim

Good Friday - Reflections on Purim

It is Good Friday. I have written about Purim most years and 2020 is no different. Easter is about the path to Salvation through Jesus death on the cross followed by the resurrection. This idea of the salvation process is picked up throughout the Scriptures and one such scenario is associated with Esther..

  • Comparisons to the war—from 96 year old Dorothy Moore

    Having lived for almost a century, my husband’s 96-year-old grandmother, Dorothy Moore, has seen an awful lot, has experienced an awful lot and is still surprised at new challenges facing the world daily. But never before has she witnessed anything like the Covid-19 virus that is sweeping the world as we speak.

  • “Do not worry”: how to apply Jesus’ words in a pandemic

    This past week I had the privilege of preaching to my new church. There is nothing quite like preaching “cold”, that is, preaching to a new place without knowing the people.

  • The great train might return   

  • We’re all in this together

    Rich or poor, old or young, new arrival or been here for generations, there’s something every Australian now has in common. We’re all coming to terms with a global pandemic that has not only turned our lives upside down, but has put them at genuine risk.

  • 1938: Dairy was in Demand

    Dairy has always been a major Australian industry, producing whole milk for the cities and also butter, cream and cheese. So rifling through the family archive air-tight chest recently I came across an article dated 8th April 1938 from \'The Sydney Morning Herald\' which was entitled: "Produce: Dairy" and this interested me.

  • ‘Time is out of joint’

  • Memorising worship hooks

    “Fight the good fight”(1 Timothy chapter 6, verse 12), the good book says. “No soldier gets entangled in civilian pursuit since his aim is to please the one who enlisted him.” (2 Timothy chapter 2, verse 4) Paul exhorts.

  • New investment for Kiwi Rail  

    Rail Page News  -  The New Zealand government will invest a record $54 billion (AUD$53.5) in land transport.

  • Covid-19 crisis: Is online-service okay?

    I am currently residing in South Korea, a country that was unfortunately hit pretty hard by Covid-19 due to our close proximity to China.

  • How to make choices, in a Christian way

    We all have choices to make. Some that will decide the next hour, others that will effect our lives many years to come.

  • Coronavirus – Prep without the Panic

    An evil day seems to bring out the worst in human nature, even the nonsensical. Ironically enough, ‘toilet-paper tussles’ have been the embarrassing embodiment of Australia’s initial reaction to Coronavirus.