Come Back Kings

Come Back Kings

February 5th 2017 was a big day in American sport; it was the NFL Super Bowl. Over 100 million viewers tuned into watch the Atlanta Falcons take on the New England Patriots. Atlanta dominated the game early leading 21-3 at halftime..

  • I have a choice and so do you

    Labels can be really helpful. Like when you are making a coffee and want to put sugar, not salt, in.   Labels and prescriptions have genuine uses. But sometimes labels can be limiting and can trap us in their confines.

  • Navigating difficulties & abiding in Gods rest

    At some point in your life you will have to navigate very difficult circumstances or respond to some bad news. If you believe in God and follow him, this difficult circumstance will present a full-on challenge on top of the actual circumstances.

  • Excellence is a great Evangelist

    When we look at the world today, our immediate reaction is often to focus on the negative. Flicking through news feeds, endless updates regarding natural disasters or man-made ones, or even the latest trends and newest technologies which tend to have inevitable flaws

  • Summer Schools are big 

    Ever since I was young, the summer school movement was bigger than big.  Summer School studies are now having a resurgence again.

  • Take Time to Have Time

    For months I had known that my family planned to take a trip to New Zealand half-way through the Uni semester, providing me with plenty of time to complete any assessment due. Much like Tim Urban, the Ted Talk presenter in the attached video, I kept pushing it back telling myself “It’ll be right” and thinking that in a week I will somehow have better willpower or be older and wiser to complete the assessment at a higher standard.

  • Caring for creation

    As Christians, what should creation mean to us? You know, when you go for a bushwalk, or a holiday along the coast? Maybe you’ve been to the desert and seen enormous natural monoliths or explored caves that seem to descend forever.

  • A Whisper from Heaven

    “I’m here if you want to talk to me.” Were the words I felt the Holy Spirit share with me.

  • Girls on the Land 

    Girls on the land is now not uncommon. Listen to the land news at any time and there will be a girl farmer of some sort.

  • BLM, I Just Got “Woke” it’s No Joke

    Perhaps you think I misspelt “Woke”? Nah, that’s not the case. You see, being born a white male with blue eyes (I’m ashamed to say),I could hurt the feelings of the oppressed.

  • Seeking real communion

    A few weeks ago, I went on a weekend trip to a small NZ town called ‘Mangakino’ located on the North Island.

  • Paint like Van Gogh

    Perhaps, arguably one of the artists of greatest influence in history today continues to be Van Gogh. Everything from coffee mugs to tee shirts are adorned by his starry night paintings.  Any exhibit are like bees to honey.