Live organ harvesting in China

Live organ harvesting in China

I recently saw a 2017 documentary on YouTube called “Harvested Alive: The 10 Year Investigation” which was very startling and compiles a broad amount of evidence showing the large-scale live organ harvesting of State labelled dissidents, predominantly Falun Gong practitioners in China since 1999.

  • We all need a Logan

    We all need a Logan

    A few days ago, a grandfather like figure in my life passed away. I first met Logan four years ago when I began pastoring at my current church. One Sunday after our morning service, he invited me to his 90th birthday party.

  • Do you hear me

    Do you hear me

    My family decided that we would drive to Bundaberg in Queensland to spend Christmas with family. This meant spending a 'lovely' two days in the car there and then two days back. You might not think this would be the time that God would speak to you, but it's often when we least expect it that we hear from God.

  • Embrace the new!

    Embrace the new!

    Recently I was standing at the beach, right on the shoreline. It was a beautiful but cloudy day, the seas were rough and as I stood there I watched the waves as they rolled in and crashed right near me. There were rips, and the waves rolled in inconsistently.

  • Hearing God’s precious voice

    Hearing God’s precious voice

  • Reflections on Christmas 

    Reflections on Christmas 

    Christmas can come and go so quickly, often we hear the same Christmas story at church as we do every year. The Christmas story is a very powerful and significant event in the life of Christians but it can become mundane too. 

  • Parkrun and baby Jesus

    Parkrun and baby Jesus

    The best we can do is to label Christmas as a time for giving and when baby Jesus was born in a manger. After the supermarket carols have stopped and the wrapping paper all binned we do not often reflect on what the incarnation means. Nor do we search for application on how we can follow this model to “be Christ” in our communities. Here are some thoughts on baby Jesus, the incarnation and fun runs.

  • The Grand Canyon echoes God’s heart for redemption

    The Grand Canyon echoes God’s heart for redemption

    Living in America has had its benefits since we moved here two years ago for my husband to pursue education to be a pastor. By living here we’ve had the amazing privilege of being able to go to some of the most incredible national parks in the world!

  • Is Marriage Necessary?

    Is Marriage Necessary?

    It was mid-December of 2018, I recently got engaged my girlfriend Kimberley back in November and I came across a video on my Facebook news feed entitled “Is Marriage Necessary?” by Couch Conversations.

  • Victory in Unlikely Places

    Victory in Unlikely Places

    There are many places to seek God for direction, but my car seems to be a popular spot of consistent revelation. Although grateful for the invite, anxiousness set in because I had only one piece of what I needed to share. I only had two days left to finish preparing to speak at a college revival.

  • The Konversations, Klashes and Kristianity

    The Konversations, Klashes and Kristianity

    So apparently, now it could be a rude thing to ask an Asian person, “Where are you from?”. Given that that person could have been born in the country the questioner is from, trying to figure out where exactly the Asian person’s family originally came from could be seen as an act of ‘proving’ that he or she is ‘not of us’.

  • Three things to ponder this New Year

    Three things to ponder this New Year

    I really tried to avoid writing a New Year’s Resolutions article this week. It just seemed so cliché, something that I could write full of classic one-liners, but void of any real meaning.