Aira Chilcott

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Aira Chilcott is a retired secondary school teacher with lots of science andtheology under her belt. Aira is an editor for PSI and indulges inreading, bushwalking and volunteering at a nature reserve. Aira’s husband Bill passed away in 2022 and she is left with three wonderful adult sons and one grandson.

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  • News about Afghanistan

    The Taliban seized power in Kabul twelve months ago. The Afghan army surrendered Bagram Airbase and with it much equipment and the maximum-security prison.

  • Vietnam needs our prayers

    God is good – all the time! While we read many stories of hardship and suffering, maybe to the point of despairing that we’ll ever see God at work in the world, occasionally news surfaces to give us hope and encouragement.

  • Persecution in China and Ethiopia

    Make this your prayer for the Christians as you read about persecution in China and Ethiopia:  ‘Keep them as the apple of your eye; hide them in the shadow of your wings, from the wicked who do them violence, their deadly enemies who surround them’

  • Imperilled Christians in North Korea, Pakistan and India

    Persecution of Christians around the world is horrific and one of the obstacles we have in knowing and understanding what’s going on is lack of communication or misinformation.

  • Lawlessness in Nigeria

    The situation in Nigeria is desperate – not just for Christians, but for children across the country.

  • Bite-size news of persecution from around the world

    In this article I will draw to your attention many snippets of persecution and points for prayer from around the world.

  • Hope and sorrow in India

    The photo attached to this article is of a small church in Solapur, western India, led by Pastor Abraham Gavit. He gave me permission to use this photo.

  • World Watch List of Christian persecution

    Open Doors USA, is an organization that tracks global religious maltreatment and it publishes the World Watch List of the countries where it is hardest to be a Christian around the world.

  • Pray for Papua and Ukraine

    Human rights violations in Papua and the Ukraine are equally appalling and horrendous.

  • The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church

    The original sourceof the above sentiment is Tertullian (~155-~240 AD), who was an early African church father based out of Carthage.  He lived in the days of the Roman Empire and so was familiar with persecution and martyrdom. A martyr is someone who is killed because of their faith.