Ana Camille Rosario

Press Services International

Ana Camille (nickname – Camille) Philippines is a Sunday School teacher at her local church and started a few months ago in children’s missions introducing Jesus to the kids through Bible Storytelling, dancing, and singing Christian songs. God's love for me has transformed me into a person who cares about children and stray animals. I find that life only has its meaning when Jesus is the centre of it. I am married to a man of God who is not just my partner in life but also my partner in the mission that God has planted in our hearts. 

  • Women of God

    They say that who we surround ourselves with is who we become. That is why if we would like to strive for our God-given purpose, we must pause and evaluate the people we let into our lives; and today, I would like to write about the women of God whom He said to be more precious than rubies – the ones who I believe that God wanted us to surround ourselves with.

  • Breaking, choosing, and learning

    One year ago, we lost our first child. I had a miscarriage, and it was a very dark phase in our marriage. To add to that, our small business wasn’t going well. We were no longer earning what we used to as there was a newly opened competitor  on the same street as our store.