Blake Gardiner

Press Services International

Hailing from North Auckland, Blake Gardiner sounds American, looks Swedish, but grew up in Laos. As an introvert, Blake lives life on the edge by socialising. When he isn’t putting his life at such risk, he enjoys reading theology and debating whether Interstellar is truly the greatest movie of all time.

  • Should I date Cinderella?

    Enchanted by the story of Cinderella, we are captivated by the notion of the dishevelled yet deserving princess, the unexpected but perfect knight, the lost slipper that is destined to fit, and the prince who will pursue his Cinderella at all cost.

  • Before I was a racist, I was a sinner

    Taken by storm, an outcry in rebellion to a history of oppression is heard throughout the world yearning for rectification. Statues pulled down. Names changed. History rewritten.

  • The comforting example of failure

    Anyone familiar with the renowned apologist, Dr William Lane Craig, will be accustomed to his wit, tact, and handling of philosophy and theology. Fewer may be familiar with his failure to receive a Doctorate in Theology.

  • Blake Gardiner Story - Certain of God

    Someone once wrote, “Our lives are a wonderfully messy tapestry of earthly disappointments, grace and God’s abundant love.” That was my now fiancée, Jessica Knell. Her modest nature scolds me for quoting her work, but her words are true, nonetheless.

  • Keep Your Pants On

    Cue smoke machine. Worship with me. Raise your hands, sway to the music as the Spirit leads you in contemporary dance. Shout a Hallelujah. Praise the Lord. Pants off.

  • Afraid to wake up

    Life is woefully and joyfully unpredictably predictable. Oscillating rhythm permeates our lives. We all live incredibly different lives, some more routine than others. We all go through different life events, different celebrations and challenges, yet we experience the same rhythms of grace. 

  • New Zealand 2019 ARPA Awards

    2019 Australasian Religious Press Association (ARPA) annual awards conference was held in Christchurch.

  • Church is not an essential service

    As a hug, a handshake, or a meal became so infectious they blurred the lines between life and death, nations began to panic. The division between ‘essential’ and ‘non-essential’ became synonymous between ‘legal’ and ‘illegal’. And the church was deemed ‘non-essential’.

  • The absurdity of the Gospel

    Do you want to live your best life now? If you search within your heart and hear what the Spirit is calling you to give at a minimum donation of twice your weekly rent, then God (who we by perfect human reason and logic can prove exists) will abound in your bank account and toilet paper rolls.

  • What to do before the apocalypse

    As I write this, over a million people have been globally infected with COVID-19 and rapidly counting. As the pandemic spreads, more countries are closing borders, restricting personal freedoms, and enforcing strict social distancing.