Bonnie Dowie

Press Service International

Bonnie loves travelling to experience and understand new cultures, beautiful things (especially flowers), coffee with friends and being with her family. She deeply values authenticity and is passionate about building meaningful community where people feel a sense of belonging and genuine love. Bonnie Dowie’s previous articles may be viewed at

  • The Japanese business philosophy that could change your life

     Have you heard of the word, ‘Kaizen’?

  • When they walk through the darkest valley…

    When a friend is going through something hard, I want to know about it; I want to be right there in the thick of it with them. When they invite me into these hard places, I count it an absolute privilege.  

  • Emotions Plus

    Emotions often get a bad rap, especially in the church. Have we forgotten that God invented emotions? What if they are actually a gift, purposed to draw us closer to him and lead us towards living in wholeness?

  • The nature of a peacemaker

    Story after story, headline after headline, accounts of racism, violence, war, terrorism, hatred, devastation and death inundate us. The world feels like it’s going crazy.

  • 30, flirty and thriving…?

    I’m thirty (not for much longer, actually). I’m not really flirty (read; no idea how-to-basic-flirt, don’t know who I would flirt with, I’m pretty awkward around men/in general…and what even is flirting?). And thriving? Well, it depends…how do you define thriving?

  • Don’t stop dreaming

    There are points in life where anything feels possible and the dreams on our heart seem tangible and alive with hope. Then there are seasons where talking about dreams feels like one big cliché and our heart is weighed down with discouragement.

  • Wake up your creativity

    It’s 5:30am and although I’ve had little sleep, I am up with my alarm, getting ready to go to the flower markets with a surprising level of energy. I am generally not (okay, almost never) someone who ‘springs’ out of bed, but today I would classify my getting out of bed method as somewhere between a spring and a dishevelled roll. Not bad!

  • Wrestling with God

    I pulled the curtain aside and peered hesitantly into the quiet hospice room, my eyes fixing on the figure lying in the bed. Confused, I turned back to my parents who were with me and asked, “Is…this her?”

  • Why I haven’t given up on the church

    Nearly every Sunday of my 30+ years has been spent in church.

  • Losing My Religion

    When people ask if I’m religious, I usually want to say no. Not because I’m afraid or ashamed, but because I have an inner-resistance to the word religious.