Cindy Cheng

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Cindy Cheng was born and brought up in central China. Cindy enjoys travelling and reading history books. Cindy is inspired by talking with local people when travelling abroad experiencing different parts of the world, as well as herself.

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  • Worship in spirit and truth

    Thanks to the Grace of the Lord, I was given the chance to study in Israel this year. This week marks the second month of my life in Jerusalem. Recognition of God is the main difference between life in China and in Jerusalem.

  • Value of a Christian life

    My colleague, Charles, is a person who is interested in exploring spiritual life. From our previous conversations, I think Christianity could answer some of his questions, at least provide another way of thinking. Therefore, I continually try to invite him to our church as and when possible.

  • A recent quarantine

    On May 4th, I travelled from Beijing to my hometown, Hubei province. Unexpectedly, I went through a serious security check-up, and eventually was asked to join a centralized quarantine on May 7th.

  • Walk on the right path

    If you ask anyone on the street: “where are you heading to?” Different people will reply with various answers. If we were asked this, apart from answering the question with a detailed address, are we certain about the direction that our lives are heading to?

  • When the master is gone

    I spent almost a month in my hometown during the past spring festival. I returned to Beijing last Saturday night and didn’t notify my roommate in advance. Surprisingly, there were some things that were quite different from before.

  • Serve in a team

    With more time spent in Church, I deeply appreciate that God gives me brothers and sisters as one body of Christ. Not ...

  • Small things count

    Affected by traditional culture when growing up, I was taught to make big achievements. If you ask a child in my generation about his future dream, eight out of ten will tell you their ambitious plans: to make great contribution to the world, or embark on influential careers that impact others’ lives. Therefore, common replies will always be scientist, doctor or lawyer.

  • Let’s talk about death

  • It is time to slow down 

  • Blessing of serving others

    We have been studying Mark in our small group lately. In the past weeks, we were reviewing chapter 8 to chapter 10, which focuses on Jesus’ three prophesies of His own death and resurrection.