Conor Ryan

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Conor is from Adelaide, South Australia. He has a history degree from Tabor College and has a gardening business. Conor has played in Christian heavy metal band Synnove. He is involved in Operation Canaan, a ministry that prays and intercedes for the music scene. He loves God, music, reading, traveling and thinking deeply about philosophy and current events in the world.

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  • Mystical union with Christ

    What is mystical union with Christ?

  • The mind is very powerful

    One Easter I went away for a short retreat. It was a time of relaxing at the beach, listening to God's voice and allowing Him to bring spiritual refreshment to me.

  • God of War

    One of the verses from the Bible that God has repeatedly drawn my attention to over the last few months is Psalm 144:1.

  • Is Being Religious Really that Bad?

    One of the hang-ups that religious people seem to have these days is self-consciousness about being religious.

  • If you care about the poor be a capitalist

    When we look at the world today one of the unmistakable realities about it is the vast material inequality that exists. Nations like Australia enjoy incredible levels of wealth, comfort and ease but if we look at the Third World there is overwhelming poverty, disease and suffering.

  • God the master of time

    One thing that God has impressed upon me lately is how amazing he is in his sovereignty. This has gone from a dry theological concept to something living and mighty in my life.

  • Meditation and mindfulness

    Meditation or mindfulness is a practice that is gaining increasing popularity in western society. Many people find in their busy lives filled with stresses and anxieties that they need a way of experiencing peace in the midst of it all.

  • Insights from cold showers

    From time to time I like to watch motivational videos on YouTube that spur me on to make the most of my life. The ones that have the most impact on me challenge me to toughen up and become more disciplined.

  • Faith, food and fasting

    If we don't spend much time thinking and reflecting about the different parts of our lives and how they relate to our discipleship journey it is easy to adopt the dominant values of the society around us.

  • Coronavirus: is this a new beginning or are we close to the end?

    Is this a new beginning or are we close to the end?