Crystelda Naidoo

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Hailing from South Africa, Crystelda is an avid nerd and an unapologetic dreamer. With a BSc. Biological Sciences and BCom Hons in marketing, she has launched the Christian lifestyle blog - Selah Blogger and is the joint winner of the 2019 International Theology Award. The blog can be found at   and her previous articles may be viewed at

  • Empty boxes

    Have you ever been weighed down by a heavy box you’re carrying? The highs of life can fill your boxes with joy and peace, making an overflowingly full box seem weightless.

  • In this season

    Praying isn’t easy. Praying in difficult seasons, is even harder. Words seem out of reach and every prayer feels like a whinny monologue. In every season, what does the right prayer sound like?

  • That’s out of my hands

    Coming to the realisation that a lot of my mental and emotional struggles are a direct result of a desire for control has been a difficult journey! I don’t find myself questioning my belief in Christ or my salvation, but rather my ability to have faith in Him without restraint.

  • That’s not mine

    Walking into a room and feeling a drastic shift in your mood? No matter how prepared or passionate you are, you can’t seem to shake the sense of dread. Perhaps this isn’t something that you’ve done (or failed to do), but something we’ve picked up along the way.

  • Step into the Light

    Fumbling around in the dark, looking incoherently for a light switch all whilst trying to stub your little toe again is what first-world nightmares are made of. Now, try creating something while in the dark.

  • Comparing callings

    Quick! Write out a list of things that you’re insecure about! Insecurity can be defined as being uncertain, lacking confidence, or unable to access what is needed. Did you find your list of insecurities focus more on appearances, luxuries, or fundamental identity and purpose?

  • Error 404 – person not found

    My mind has been buffering for weeks trying to locate some sense of identity and faith. Wading through numbing darkness, surrounded by the resounding echo of a dial-up internet connection, each sound leaves me with hitting an error 404 – person not found.

  • What is 30?

    What is thirty? Is it an age where society expects us to have everything categorically in order? Surely there must be more to this number than naturally proceeding 29 and preceding 31.

  • Imagine that

    Imagine the world as you’d like it. Picture peace across all borders, an end to poverty and destruction, a world where we care for each other and nurture the resources we have been blessed with.

  • Cavity check

    I’ve always had a strong dislike for any kind of dentistry, possibly a result of orthodontic work I’ve had done in my ...