Dacia Miller

Press Services International

Dacia Miller from Jamaica, West Indies is a wife, mother and trained communicator who enjoys dancing. She is involved in youth ministry and loves to see lives transformed.

  • God’s master plan defines your purpose.

    The topic of purpose has been an ongoing discussion for me. I believe with every fibre of my being that we are born for a reason, our existence is not in vain and God allowing us to be alive is not a coincidence.

  • How Insignificant Are You?

    We have a way of allowing our thoughts to take us places far beyond where we need to be. In fact, sometimes because we are so caught up in our mind, we eventually find that our thoughts lead to us developing feelings that in many instances start to affect our relationships and even influence our perspectives.

  • Faint Not, Pray!

    Can you believe, the year just started and already we are halfway through February.

  • Run, come quick, I have good news

  • Do you hear what I hear - Test the Spirit

  • Be not deceived, you need me!

  • The Weight of Leadership

    Since I have gotten older, more mature I have become very selective in the groups I become involved but more importantly with choosing leadership roles. I sometimes find myself reminiscing on my earlier years of leadership, trying to decipher if my zealous, full of energy and passionate younger self led anyone astray.

  • Unlikely Characters

    Often, we are led to believe that becoming a celebrity or seeking fame is the most effective way of making impact or achieving success. Young people are calculating their value on the whims and fancy of people subscribing or clicking the like button on social media platforms.

  • Untrained yet confident

    What circumstances make you feel ineffective?

  • Concerned, yet not compassionate.

    With all that is happening in life, with all the goals and ambitions we set for ourselves, with all the hopes and things we plan and strategize to achieve, it becomes very easy for us to get caught up in our own lives and forget those around us.