Darren Salmon

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Darren Salmon is a young man from Kingston, Jamaica where he read for his Bachelor of Science degree in BioTechnology at the University of West Indies. He became a follower of Jesus when he was 10 and has since developed a ministry of Christian Poetry for which he has gained a godly reputation. Darren is husband to the lovely Mrs. Kimberley Salmon (previously Morgan), another talented young writer with Christian Today. Darren is a joint 1st place recipient of the Tronson award for international young writers with Christian Today for the year 2019. To read Darren’s previous articles visit his weebly site at https://www.pressserviceinternational.org/darren-salmon.html

  • Christianity in the face of adversity

    As humans we encounter many problems in our day to day lives and our instinct is to protect/preserve ourselves. This is what makes Christianity so challenging because the call of Christ goes directly against our natural human tendencies.

  • Why is dating not in the bible?

    Here in the 21st Century, it is a social norm for people to date before deciding to commit and later marry.

  • Who Should Act Right First?

    The husband or the wife? The short answer is both. However, we tend to point the finger at the other person. We may even use the Bible to solidify our position

  • The Darren Salmon Story

    I was born June 9, 1991 in Kingston Jamaica to a dressmaker and an accountant. Both my parents were busy individuals who didn’t seem to have much time for each other. Whenever they were together, they usually argued.

  • Trust is a Vase

    Trust is a basic and fundamental ingredient in the structure of all relationships, it can take years to build and one moment of dishonesty to destroy.

  • How to avoid the “friendzone”

    Many young men dream of marrying their best friend someday, so we develop this philosophy that we need to be best friends with a female before trying to escalate the relationship to the romantic level.

  • The Importance of Repentance

    As a Christian, an important part of my relationship with God is my repentance. This is because, it is through my repentance that I communicate to God that I am sincerely sorry.

  • The Importance of Forgiveness

    Couples who make it to their 20, 30, 40-year anniversaries are impressive, but most people have no clue the amount of repentance and forgiveness it took for the couple to make it that far.

  • Understanding loneliness

    We were all born single, yet we all come out with an innate desire for companionship. We see it in a baby’s desire to be fed, held, carried, played with, etc.

  • This relationship influences all others

    Which relationship is the most important relationship to a person? Some may say the parent-child relationship, or the teacher-student relationship, or the employer-employee relationship depending on the perspective and world view that you hold.