David Goodwin

Press Service International

David Goodwin is the former Editor of The Salvation Army’s magazine,War Cry. He is also a cricket tragic, and an unapologetic geek.

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  • Playing in the Bubble

    Right now, things should be ramping up at our local cricket club. But, instead sore muscles that haven’t been used for months and gathering in the rooms to boast about how many wickets or runs we will get this year there is simply...silence.

  • Fasten Forward

    Over the weekend, I took part in a get together of other writers, the first time that I had been involved in a group event for what seems like month. It was surreal watching more than a few get together, certificates handed between people, all the things that we would have taken for granted last year.

  • Taking a Knee

    Those of you who, like me, can’t look away from the never boring world of American politics may be aware of the current movement engulfing professional sports in the United States.

  • Hyper-Critical

    There’s a well-known saying that goes something like this: “Those who can, do...those who can’t, teach”. It’s been around so long it’s become almost accepted wisdom, and is often used by those who can't come up with an original thought of their own as a way to put down teachers. It’s lazy, and says more about them than the object of their scorn...a bit like “Ok, boomer”.

  • No Contact Sports

    Whether it is war or famine or any other catastrophe, humanity has a remarkable ability to adjust to the most extreme of circumstances.

  • Carpe Diem COVID style

    One of the amazing things about this strange world we have found ourselves is seeing the ingenious ways people have come up with to overcome the limitations we’ve suddenly been confronted with.

  • Putting a price on principle

    Responding to a worldwide pandemic and navigating the resulting global economic shutdown would pose a significant challenge to even the healthiest organisations all on its own

  • Glittering Images

    Susan Howatch's book Glittering Images tells the story of an up and coming young priest who is destined for big things in the Church of England.

  • Sow’s ears and silk purses

    As I write this, it’s coming up to a month of living under a range of restrictions that would have seemed the stuff of dystopian fiction or the most fevered of conspiracy theories even a few months ago.

  • Testing Times

    With an event of the magnitude of the coronavirus epidemic, there is no facet of society that isn’t affected, and the it seems like there no aspect of our daily lives that hasn’t been transformed—and may never be the same.