David Lean

Press Service International

David Lean is law & accounting student, elite athlete & business owner, from Brisbane, Australia.

  • The treasures of responsibility

    Today marks the sixth month since I made the decision to start making my bed at the beginning of each morning. A menial, irrelevant task some may say. But a practise, which for me, represents much more.

  • A Convenient God?

  • ‘Free-ish’ Speech: the Modern-day Status of Religious Liberty

    ‘Religious beliefs are part of the humanity of every individual. In a civilised society, individuals respect each other’s beliefs. This enables them to live in harmony.’ – Lord Nicholls

  • Unanswered prayer

    Hebrew chapter 11 verse 1 says, “faith is being sure of what we hope for, and confident about that which we do not see.” Today, I have entitled my word unanswered prayer… when God ‘doesn’t’ listen. As I was thinking about this, I wanted to delve into what I found to be the most profound lesson that I have learnt this year.