• Iraq launches attack on last Islamic State stronghold in Mosul

    U.S.-backed Iraqi forces on Sunday launched a ground offensive to dislodge Islamic State militants from the western part of the city of Mosul, and put an end to their ambitions for territorial rule in Iraq.

  • Left wing losers - part 2

    Could it be that the greatest curse of our time is not war or famine, plague or pestilence, but, an utter madness of the mind?

  • The secret life of us

    I was watching my favourite television show the other night, it\'s called 48. It\'s a real life expose on murder and their subsequent police investigation.

  • The secret about sin

    We all seem to think that we\'re the exception. That no one else has been through what we have been through, and that no one else has the same struggles as us.

  • Scientists gain Australia Day Honours

    As I wrote in a recent article, competition is reflected often in the Bible, as is the awarding of prizes and benefits to those who perform well.

  • Kiwi young writer program for 2017

    The 2017 young writer program is shaping up nicely for the Kiwi young writers, one of the four groups within Press Service International\'s young writer program in conjunction with Christian Today Australia and Christian Today New Zealand.

  • School as whole new adventure

    Thousands upon thousands of brand new school students started their first experience of \'big school\' last week and this week. My 5 year old grand-son was one of them.

  • What if we can\'t make choices?

    When I was a student and studying education I struggled with the Bell curve.

  • \'Your Pastor is a liar\'

    Welcome to an article on dealing with people that distort the gospel. No, not your Pastor. But those that reshape the gospel, as it has been agreed upon for 2000 years. Gospel distortions have always been around.

  • Victimhood and personal responsibility

    Today we find ourselves living in a very fractured and polarised society. Politicians and ideologues have divided society up along divisions of class, race, gender etc., as part of their agenda.