Eleesa Jensen

Press Services International

Eleesa Jensen is currently studying Psychology and Education at the University of Auckland. She loves to paint, play guitar, and write as a form of worship and to process her thoughts. 

  • The little we know

    Picture this: A man is sitting inside a refrigerator, and he is very cold. For now, there is enough food and drinks to sate him, but he knows he will run out and then he is not sure what to do. You open the door a little bit and there’s an exchange like,

  • Relationship Killing 101

    Life is better without resentment, so nobody seeks it out. It just builds up, like mould. Suddenly you’ve got these big stains in your friendships, or in your family, and they don’t seem to come out.

  • Sin: should we feel threatened?

    It’s a wet night and I’m walking with my friend, carefully trying not to slip on the concrete. I don’t remember how the conversation got here or how it started, only that it’s raining and when it rains we get heavy. So now we’re discussing the prison system. He says,

  • Life isn’t fair (yet)

    “What is it that the child has to teach?